How to catch bream in the winter

Winter fishing for bream is different from the summer a more sophisticated way of fishing, and the choice of gear should be treated more carefully. First we need to know how to catch bream in the winter, and then to prepare for it. Winter makes big bream to be in deep water areas. Broke they come out for food, that’s where they were much easier to catch. Fishing for bream in winter, the bait you prepare at home. It consists of a combined cereal and dry food with the addition of special ledovogo attractant. There is a very simple option – millet porridge crumbly with the addition of garlic. Two servings of porridge in the feeders sent to the hole, one on bottom, and another slightly higher. Then comes the turn of a feeder with bloodworms, which will be located on top of the porridge and not bury in the muddy bottom.

Winter fishing rod for bream

To catch bream you winter float rod or celkovou. Float tackle is not complicated. Winter float fishing rod is much smaller than the summer. The rod for convenience is placed on a special stand. The rod has a size of 20 – 30 cm For the fight with the fish bream desired volume coil with a friction brake and the line is thinner 0.13 – 0.15 mm. Hook bloodworms need thin and elastic. It remains to choose the float. Choose it in accordance with the conditions of the fishing place. It is necessary to take into account is current, no current, and if so, what it forces. With the increase in flow velocity or depth, should increase the carrying capacity of the float. For example, a float with a carrying capacity of two grams is used at a depth of 8 – 12 m with low flow. For areas with a depth of 4 – 5 m, where there is no current, choose a float one gram and less. Float, varnished, has a better fluid flow and it is easier to remove the ice. The attachment point on the fishing line one silicone sleeve. In the cold like this sleeve does not become brittle and break. For winter fishing, choose a fishing line dark colors. This line is well visible in the snow. This increases the comfort of fishing.

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How to ogruzka? It is recommended that point-to-point ogruzka. This is the main cargo and the shepherd boy. The shepherd must be relatively heavy, about dvuhromovo float – 0.4 gr. If you put the weight of the herdsman less, you may not see the bite. The distance between the shepherd and the crochet in the range of 2 – 7 cm Distance from the selected frequency band. If the fish takes caution, the maximum distance 5 – 7 cm, if the bait is active 2 to 4 cm At low flow, make more 50 – 70 cm in strong currents, the main load is lowered to the shepherd boy, for a distance of 20 – 30 cm All operations in the selection of goods doing home.

Tackle for bream — fishing rod with a nod. It is important that the spinning (fishing rod, the fishing rod) should be easy that your hand does not get tired. After all, to catch bream you have time to “play” the bait. It is important to choose the right nod. It needs to be slightly curved upwards, and if you use jig, a nod must be parallel to the surface. Need a thin fishing line when playing with a jig it needs to stretch. Usually use jigs like “devil”, “drop” and “lentils”. If you fish in the deepest place, the jig is necessary to use a large and shallow waters — medium size. When we catch bream, game jig it is necessary to perform with a low movement rate. In this case, the bream quickly responds to the bait. Good luck with the weather and fishing!

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