How to catch perch

Blockhead – the name of the lure suitable for fishing in winter and summer. This bait is used mostly for winter fishing for perch. Catch walleye, white fish catch the bait blockhead small sizes. The dummy consists of a body, two hooks and loops of fishing line. On the hook wear an infusion – end sleeves, beads. The body is made of hexagon bar or rod of brass, or tungsten. Tackle should be balanced – hooks must be suitable in size to the body of the lure. If you take large hooks, the game bulldozer will be lost. The most popular material for housing a lead. The body gear should be centered, otherwise the game will again be violated. Lead is convenient because is well treatable.

As such a tackle to make? On the line through the loop and put a single hook, then the body and the second hook. Above bait, make a knot. Lure you have is in the loop. The size of the loop are selected experimentally. The average is 5 – 7 cm Gear ready. Rod is used normal winter. It is desirable that the rod was equipped with a coil of large size as used for finding fish. At the top of the loop tie clasp with swivel. The tip of the spinning is equipped with a nod.

Perch on noodle. (Fishing December 2013 in Novoshipunovo right Vidrike Alt. edges)

How to catch perch on noodle. The fishing technique is the following. Lower the rod and find the bottom. You can tap the bottom for the appearance of turbidity, its bass is very fond of. This proves the presence in the oral cavity of the muddy soil after a game Balda. Then toss the noodle and pause 3 – 4 seconds. The perch is usually on the pause. Wake up doing 2 – 4 cm from the bottom. Prodavlivaet above, but the bulk of the strikes from the bottom. In the summer of noodle can be used on a telescopic rod with a side nod. You can fish with a planting bloodworms or maggots, evenly put the bait on both hooks. To learn the tackle is not difficult. The gear is easy to manufacture, easy to catch, and the effectiveness of fishing you will be pleasantly surprised.

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