How to choose an ice screw

The ice drilling device must be made of quality material. The question is how to choose an ice screw for winter fishing when the market is full of different models, provided by many leading firms of foreign and domestic manufacturers.

How to choose an ice screw – features

Auger ice augers are becoming more and more relevant and practical. When choosing any model, you should pay attention to the ability to drill holes of different and required diameters, as well as different shapes.

More sporty models are considered, the drilling diameter of which is 100 – 110 mm. Such devices are used when fishing for cautious fish, when it is required to drill a hole of small size, so that the rays of light penetrate under the ice as little as possible. It’s no secret that fish are frightened by direct sunlight through the drilled hole, which leads to the fish moving away from the fishing point. Another advantage of such ammunition is the drilling speed. The smaller the auger diameter, the faster you can drill through the ice.

The opposite happens with ice screws of a wider diameter, for example, 130 mm. Models of this type are more often used on thin ice, when its thickness does not exceed 15 – 20 cm, or on the last ice, when the surface of the reservoir becomes soft and loose.

The ice screw must be quiet while drilling, otherwise the fish gets scared and moves away from the hole. This is especially true when fishing cautious fish. The speed of work should take minimum time.

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The most important consideration when choosing an ice ax is convenience. Therefore, the device must be selected according to individual requirements. Pay attention to the quality of the metal of the base of the auger, the length of the handle, it should fit comfortably in the hand without throwing the base of the ice screw to the side.

Disassembled ice screwThe handle must be firmly attached to the base and not twist while drilling. If the material for making the handle is based on plastic alloys, then pay attention to whether there are cracks, unnecessary protrusions and whether it is properly fixed to the base of the device.

Folding mechanisms must have a stable connection, not be loose. You should also pay attention to knives. They can be flat or spherical. In the second version, models of this type are of higher quality, but the price is correspondingly more expensive. Russian models are equipped with flat knives. Swedish manufacturers equip their models with spherical ones.

Ice screw knifeThe range of hole sizes is also important and depends directly on what kind of fish you are hunting. There are models that can be called universal. They are suitable for absolutely any fishing in the winter. With a larger diameter, they are more often used when fishing for large fish. For example, fishing for bream in winter requires an ice drill with a large auger diameter, since bream has a wide flat body shape.

Types of ice screws

Arriving at the store, the main question in your head is – which ice drill is better to choose for winter fishing? The main thing that you have to pay attention to right away is the price of the product. You always want to get a thing that is not expensive, but reliable. We provide an overview of several of the most popular and high-quality models:

  • Barnaul pretty high quality. In many respects, they are not worse than foreign models. All the necessary requirements and conveniences of these models correspond to high-quality use.
  • Mora from Swedish manufacturers. In essence, they are leaders in the production of such products. The durability and workmanship of the material will delight even the most capricious skeptics. The disadvantage in choosing such a model is the high price, you have to pay for the quality.
  • Finnish will surprise you with their quality. The price of Rapala ice augers is slightly cheaper than that of Mohr, but when choosing two models between Swedish or Finnish, the Swedes should be preferred.
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Do not forget that an ice ax requires painstaking care, and the simpler the model, the less maintenance is required. In order not to spend money on purchasing a new ice screw every winter season, it is worth making the right choice once, taking into account all the main points. Do not forget to consult with the managers working in the store where you decided to purchase an ice screw. Find out about all the nuances of this or that model, their pros and cons. Competently weigh all the technical characteristics and the question in itself will disappear – how to choose an ice screw!

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