How to cut the carp bites when fishing for bream

Before near my favorite fishing spot was a dredger, and at the bottom there was even a hint of sludge. Karas the place avoided. Now the shore has noticeably fallen off, the bottom few silted up, and periodically became caught by a carp, which I did not need, my purpose of fishing is bream. As a result, I began to think how to cut the bite carp when fishing for bream, vimba, semai etc.

As a result, this selective fishing for bream, vimba, semai no bites “weed” carp I began to work out. Will tell you how I acted. Maybe you gonna need this too. Carp are very fond of the smell of cake and sunflower seeds, anise. Bream also bestow them, but due to the fact that the carp hinders fishing, had to abandon these supplements. Now my bait does not contain a meal.

Carp loves worms, so I almost gave up on using them. Once conducted an experiment: lures two 5 m from one another — one chopped worm, more bread and barley. Fished the bait. Where were the worms, and was caught only carp, and it seemed like he came running from all around. And where the lure of bread, caught roach and bream. Why fish for carp when in our area there are bream, roach, vimba, bream, IDE, Shemaiah, herring and bleak? It is, in my opinion, all of them inferior in taste.

The don fishers, frankly, the fish did not favor, as not only are abused — and all because of the fact that he flooded the local water bodies, displacing valuable or just more demand we have fish. “Dushman” this is incredibly tough, tenacious and truly ubiquitous. Muscovites actively abused Rotana is they are not familiar with don “hybrid” that can ruin any promising fishing. The Rotana until it away…
To get rid of unwanted bites carp is difficult, but possible at least to reduce them to a minimum.

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Here, for example, roach — she kept close to the shore at shallow depths near the carp. I noticed that she was not clinging to the bottom, and goes in the water. Hook bait, I hold about a foot from the bottom and depending on the bite correct the descent. Similarly, roach fishing on the don, only from a boat or pier.
When fishing for roach do not use ground bait. For use on feeder — piece melanochroi mesh secured on the cord two feet above the sinker. Quite often fishing without bait, roach in the don a lot, and have it almost everywhere.

Completely different tactics and other gear needed when fishing for bream and vimba. These fish are kept away from the shore to great depths and strong currents. But as soon as you throw a Donk, she attacked the “carp” and bull. And then the angler saving knowledge of the habits of fishes and savvy. When fishing of vimba need a long leash. Lazy “hybrid” clinging to the bottom and will not chase the bait, rushing into the current. Strong currents carp escapes, especially if the bottom is solid, and vimba these places and the likes.

A bream a little harder — it is not as nimble as the vimba. But there is a way to catch it. Does the spinning, under-equipped ground. Two feet above the sinker is attached to the outlet end of the leash, and still half a meter above the second. Such gear can have a great catch of bream and vimba often with a white bream and a boat and from the pier, and the Rostov embankment. Shore also going “hybrid” and the roach, the bream will be rare. The whole point of this tackle — in lifting hooks higher up from the bottom. Bream is in the water column, carp literally crawling along the bottom. I such fishing bream are often caught on the upper hook.

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On herring tackle carp’s rare, so it is also advisable to use. As for night fishing carp, although I had to read about it, but my experience says that during this time carp are not active. Last summer because of the heat and the domination of the other bathers, we had to go night fishing. All summer I caught three carp, and then another light and when too close casts.

As bait when fishing for bream, roach, vimba, etc. using maggots and meat of shellfish. Bait consists of biscuits, barley and millet with the addition of vanilla or mint drops. Fared well purchase bait with scents of strawberry, raspberry, chocolate and honey.

During the day fishing on the Manych and Collage we noticed that the bite of different fish occurs at a certain schedule. First, often still in the dark, caught bream, then aktiviziruyutsya roach and bream the afternoon enlivened the carp. I usually catch up to the first bites of the fish, and then go home.

By the way, I noticed a rather unexpected positive effect of the dominance of networks. Basically, there comes a carp, but bream, carp and vimba network is somehow bypassed. And as a result, the koysug river that flows near my hometown of Bataysk, bream gradually regains lost ground.

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