How to equip the boat Volzhanka 46 fish for fishing

Volzhanka 46 fish + Mercury 60 ELPT EFI + MinnKota Power Drive V2 55 + Raymarine Dragonfly 5 DVS + M3CA-E. It is in the right complex to consider, since this combination is used. Those who have not experienced this, it may seem that the boat and motor ready set. And if you already experienced, you realize that this is certainly not the case. To bring everything to the desired state and quality fish, you want to put a lot of effort, time and money… Starting with the attachment of the motor (it’s not a cockpit option on the lambs), balancing the boat on the trailer (how to post?) and finishing flooring. In my case the kit was conceived as a “minimally sufficient” in the modern sense of the fishing boats and the maximum budget. On what is possible and what is not worth saving? Tell us about your experience.

Hanging and finishing

Motor and other equipment hung all in the same office, “Ride”. By mounting the motor and finish, no complaints. Sounder not to bother with the second “TV” on the nose, mounted so that it is possible to turn his monitor back and forth. The benefit of Dragonfly recorded a turnover of simple green nuts on the hinge. In the stowed position, the screen looks at you, and if you catch the drift or movement of electricity from the nose, the turnover of the green nuts and the screen looks in the opposite direction, that is, on the nose. Due to the brightness of the display its readings perfectly visible through the glass at any angle, even if the glass splashed. Very convenient. It should be noted that the mounting of the sounder, its wiring and sensor on the “Volzanka 46” would work for me. Shelf starboard — several screws and opened in the presence of a screwdriver. There is placed all the wiring. And if you have a screwdriver, drill some holes in aluminum is easy. Is not to confuse “+” and “-” when connecting to the battery. Mounting on the rotary fastener Ram Mount2 for the Garmin GPS even easier. Only a screwdriver and screws needed. Made.


I made the rear deck trendy marideck’oM (special boat vinyl deck covering). It seemed convenient, but very expensive… Bow-for this reason (and the desire to experiment) made himself “the collective”. In “Leroy Merlin” purchased industrial carpet rubber base (about 500 RUB. per meter) and the famous water-resistant “88” glue. Around all projecting parts on the deck with chalk, put the cut with the stock triangle of carpet and then neatly scissors cut it in the shape of the deck and lids of cans. Adhesive, press — ready. The whole making took a total of half a day. The cost — 2 thousand RUB compared to 20 thousand. I Will now compare the custom features and durability “Maridaki” and simple carpet. Yet, at the end of the season, leaning towards the second. Even better it. Does not slip at all. And easy to clean.


Stationary welded tank is always confused. Is under the floor somewhere. What’s up with him? How big is he? Neither test it nor to inspect without disassembling the deck in any way… and even condensation in metal tanks is the place to be. And in the plastic there. So simple and familiar plastic tank 50 litres (850x350x220 mm) went on the passenger side under the rear bench. Battery 75 Ah starter is on the driver’s side under the bench. The traction battery 120 A-h — in the nose exactly in the middle. Access through the cap has to charge to reach you. Car charger “Pendant” for 1,5 thousand rbl., almost everything… Pump, pad under the sensor, sounder, niches in the sides for rods were already in the database. It is important that even in the “bare” boat side once sealed with carpet, and with this item no hassle. Wanted to attach holders for rods on the front console, but it didn’t work… Cover when opening the cans would hurt any fasteners. Not thought out a bit. Literally 3 cm is not enough for their installation. But this is not critical. In the Board are lying.

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Front deck

Yes, it is relative to the entire small boats. However, the balance between the front and rear areas, in my opinion, correct. In a small boat rear deck has to be more. The front deck is smooth. There are no steps and recesses. Stand on it in any wave catching and turning in any direction. Overall stability also contributes to the whole width of the boat. An unusually wide trapezoidal front site (usually it is the same width but triangular) looks weird, but actually very comfortable! On it without any “dancing” in any position of the fixed platform for the motor. Or winch. Or you can take the winch and motor. A lot of places, and even despite sticking “Minnkota”, such a nose is convenient to climb coming or going from the shore or pier. Stand foot on corrugated aluminium, not afraid to fall. The space under the platform tightly sealed. There is a buoyancy blocks. A compromise between habitability and safety is good. And there are many, and here enough. Worse if side 10 cm inside grew.

Rear deck

A lot of places. You can walk and sit Even lie down. You can break up the two fishermen. To be for playing and podtachivaniya. The Board is easily placed curb rods. Three pieces with length up to 8 feet into the left side fit well (and I more than 7’6″ rarely necessary). And no need for any mounts and holders. The simpler the better. They lie there on the soft carpet, and everything is in order. To starboard you can still 6-6,5-foot “short stack” to attach. And can be placed in bait “rapid response”. Alongside stands conveniently assembled net — captured Frabill Power Stow. Behind the driver’s and passenger seat can easily fit any fishing boxes — from a Junior line of Meiho Versus VW2070 into a full-fledged garkavogo Maximizer. And most importantly, have a place to stay in order to step to the side. No extra compartments and glove boxes (except the console) is not in the database. That’s good. Everything you need in a quick-access (spinners, lures, marker-buoy), lies in the sides and in the fishing box. In the console glove box remote l-pilot, phone, first aid kit. Everything you need occasionally (food, warm and waterproof clothing), under the rear sofa. All you need even less (spare prop, anchor, rope) in the front lockers.

Pull and roll

The boat is easy enough. It is well put on “cart” no advantage on the rich, and I one hands can roll and collapse on the ground together — even on wet grass. This item is made. Lipovane too large no surprises. All flies and zataskivaya on Slane easy. The rollers and the swing set makes no sense. When dumping and lifting the bow area of the motor rubs on a corner of the top stop of the cart. To solve this problem simply: on the top part of the swing is necessary to put the roller, and the bottom left as it is corner. But the second problem has put to a standstill… neither then, neither get always the left (passenger) to Board, trying to get up the left edge of the cart. And not only me, but many owners. What the reason was never found. Of course, you can wear zapadniki into the water and straighten while lifting the hands. You can on the cart to sway the body with your hands and align so… not scary and not critical. But it is unclear why this. Save, perhaps, only the guide horns 3 mounted on the edge of the trailer.

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Why in the “Boat” (the largest Russian forum of vodnomotornikov) a lot of negativity about the “gouging” of the hull on the wave? It seems to me, in fact. Yes, Yes. She is beautiful and very well built and looks like a big expensive boat. And riding comfort subconsciously expect from her, as from a large heavy overseas “Prince”… And it’s small! And that is light. So 50-60 “horses”, we can say, flies. Disperse it for a few seconds up to 50 km/h and fly into the waves with the feeling that “sheep” is now “bed” with a Cup of coffee in hand. She has, of course, on the waves. But it should be. As such, there are no miracles. And if you do not drive at full speed, leaving a minimum of planing, it all becomes quite normal. The nose cuts the wave gently. So the claim that I initially also appeared for a season by themselves leveled, getting used to the boat and dumping gas on the wave. To fall “suddenly” everything was calm and normal. But the fact that nasal contours “Volzhanka 46” such that they spray and waves beat, is a big plus. Any tide and at any speed crashes and goes to the side of the elaborate form the “cheekbones”4. The remnants of the spray he takes on Board a wide plancher. Would the nose is sharper — perhaps the wave would be softer, but the wave on the deck to accept the possibility would be higher. Still moored to shore with the nose seemed more comfortable than sharp. Not crashed into the ground hard and the cane comes exactly as it should. To push it then not a problem.


Not to overpraise, not going too pour epithets. Let’s just say the handling of the boat is excellent. Tricky steps is not until the end of the stern or variable deadrise, or all together with the size are responsible for it… I don’t know. Turns it at any speed, predictable and confident. Though what you are saying — I don’t want crinolines. To change the screws on the water or a grid of cut with a screw? Not the way it often happens in the middle lane, so for the sake of fuss. Screw change is always better than standing on the shore than on weight over the water, dropping the keys and nuts. Mesh with the screw to cut? Make it quiet and so it is with the case. Here, for example, how to get into the boat from the water with a crinoline? So belly on the tailgate to leaning, leg, stood on the cavitation plate of the motor, the hand behind the back and climbed. The boat somehow in the storm of the nose to the wave pushed in boots. Pushed to 30 cm depth with a hand to the back grabbed and jumped on the ass. And as crinoline? Another argument is the increase due to the crinolines of deck area. But there is just square and has a useful area. And here’s the latest just aren’t coming… Ever nobody comes to catch or to draw out fish. To bend down to check the position of the sonar sensor, again with a crinoline harder than without it. So the crinolines in the box I immediately did not include. How, in fact, bow and side rails. It is about them always hitting the tip of the rod, because they always salesteams and clings to the fishing line. They always interfere with fishing. The only hypothetical use — stay passengers. But fishing is one or two. Roll five passengers wave no such item.

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Overall impression

At the formal difference with the “Katran” on length outside 460 — 430 = 30 cm it is in reality much more inside! Width 180 cm vs 160 the Katran. And most importantly — it’s a fair width. There’s some body of two plastic tubs, and finally the width of the nose was, God forbid, 140 cm, and the cockpit “Sidhi” and rear banks this width is actually cleaned… And then the Board does not sealed, part of the buoyancy blocks are removed in the nose (for wide area) and under floors. Maybe a controversial location, but it gives you a huge plus for habitability deck. Outside 180 cm, within about 175 cm In the end, not too loose size, got a qualitative leap on the deck area and a small jump on seaworthiness. Not “flew” 100 km/h, the wave continues to ride matters. The boat is pushed by hand on the trailer and stands under the Apple tree is almost the same as “Katran”. Everything seems almost the same, just a different color and of a different material. But… It’s a different size in every sense.

In the details

The beauty is revealed in detail. I used to have a 50 km/h was in the “foot down + empty + wind”, and cruising at 30 km/h. Now 50 km/h in the “pen of two-thirds”, and a cruise of 40 km/h “in a third.” Before wave 15 cm already made itself felt, and now 30 cm, passable pass. On 2T 25 HP consumption was almost more than 60-ke. Especially with download. Consumption “Measurement” a maximum of about 10 liters per hour, usually about 7-8 L. But if one/two of us go and do not over-revving excessively, then 10 l in reality, on a fishing day short. Well, it is clear For the case of “Katran” motor 25 HP was minimally reasonable, and he always worked at the maximum, and “Volzhanka” 60 HP — the maximum possible in principle, so more than 2/3 are almost never loaded. Traction Merck closes all the issues with power without any “but”.

From not immediately visible

Went into minus expenditure on oil Yamaha Yamalube 2T (which several cans a season spent, and it also costs money). Almost double the savings on gasoline. Of course, these savings do not pay for the 60 “Measurement”, but still a nice change. Another nice detail: it is not necessary “bodyazhit” gasoline with oil. It is also, of course, easy, but time and energy consuming. And another little thing: now the Strait is not so long and it stinks on the deck. Clean 92-th gasoline evaporates much faster. Five minutes and there is no smell, and no grease. Not that saving is, of course… Rather, just a few pluses for ease of use. Set ready and run-in. The waves went fishing. The story will continue about the features of a fishing and summer-autumn period.

Alexei Demidovich. Journal Fishing with us 2 2017

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