How to find bass

It would seem that it can be challenging to catch bass. Fishing of this fish is written so that the information is already intuitively “absorbed” in the beginner fisherman. Needless to say, perch deserves it, as fishing for the perch itself is interesting, and trophy fish are caught, and in the taste quality of the bass is excellent, you can cook a variety of dishes from perch. However, I still have to meet the fishermen (mostly beginners) who are planning to catch bass, but they have nothing. At the same time, if you start fishing with them fishing once the bass is getting better and quite actively caught.

How to find a perch. Tips for finding bass.

It turns out that even when fishing for perch you need to follow some points to know the rules and secrets Okuneva fishing to stay with fish — need to know how to find a perch. In this article I will try to give a few tips that will help You catch a perch, to stay with the fish, to moral and physical pleasure from such fishing. Immediately say, that to talk in detail about the gear for perch, I will not, but I will mention only the “your work” and the secrets of successful perch fishing.

1. The most important rule – perch in the pond need to look for. The more You walk along the shore, oblasova interesting and promising space, the higher the chance of finding flocks perch. Bass need look. This will help You gulls, that circle where there is a concentration of fish near the surface, and hence the perch; the splashes on the water – the perch are attracted to noise; lower baths, etc. Standing in one place it is rarely possible to catch “a student” perch.

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2. You need to sh in all water layers, because the perch are biting equally well and from the bottom, and in the upper layers.

3. Combine lures and bait. Often I observed that the bass takes the worm, but if this worm to spread in the form snastochki a couple of hooks, a sinker is a bullet – like stripes eagerly attacked the worm.
The same situation is with bait: sometimes, it is necessary to replace Vlasenko on the rubber, the bite improves. If the perch aren’t biting doesn’t mean that bass and other fish here.

4. Perch are often kept under the shore, so, always, first, should be to sh in the coastal zone, and after “deeper”.

5. Bass can be provoked into a bite, so I do not get, for example, the float tackle out of the water; gently pull the float, slide tackle, bass are attracted to movement.

6. Bass can be attracted to artificially-generated turbidity. To do this upstream to throw a couple of balls of earth, and perfectly formed fishing in the muddy track on which the bass rises. He “I wonder,” what is it, he’s looking for prey.

7. On small rivers one of the most promising gear to the bass – the summer jig (side nod), which can be collected directly on the fishing gear from scratch.

8. Any blockages, back-flow, the differences in depth – potential habitat for the perch.

Perhaps 8 tips enough to catch some perch. Following them, You will discover secrets of successful fishing for perch. All the best to You.

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