How to fish with floats with a removable antenna

The float for poplavochnye — favorite accessory for fishing. No matter how to fish, when fishing with a fishing rod — match, Bologna or with plug — float signals a bite. The correct choice of float is an important component of success or failure. To even recognize the bite, you need to see sensitive orogeny float. Signaller of bite choose at the beginning of fishing.

But what if during the fishing trip weather conditions will change? If you change the illumination, the role will play a coloration of the antenna, which will continue well see the float. For fishing in windy weather it may be too thin. Another reason, if, instead of a light bait, such as maggots, will have to put heavy, for example of the worm due to a change in the intensity of biting or other kinds of fish arrived at the fishing spot. In this case, it is necessary to replace the float, but it takes time.

What to do if the conditions of fishing in a short time will change again? Again, change the float? There is a rather simple possibility to adapt the float to changing conditions: to fish with floats, the upper part, which can be replaced. Then the float immediately able to adapt to changing conditions. However, this is not possible with every float. Some manufacturers release the respective floats for different types of fishing.

The choice of float with removable antenna

There are more models of floats for match fishing, which has a replaceable antenna. Many floats — waggler, also known as Zoomer or Slider with two removable antennas. These floats more than thin tip plastic, and durable hollow antenna, such as float FTM 33. This Zoomer was designed by ex-European champion Gunter horler together, the specialist in match fishing. Vaglenov having only two removable antennas, there is a small drawback: they often painted the same, so it is impossible perfectly to adapt to changing light conditions.

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However, sales are thin plastic, and more thick hollow antenna, painted differently. There are other options of wagglers, such as firm Browning, which, although offers only antennas of the same diameter, but of four different colors. Deserve attention and the so-called two-tone removable antenna. If you have to fish far from shore, on a float, you can wear thicker, visible antenna.

Recognition of bites “on the rise” when fishing for bream and tench are good antennas, consisting of two components: a thin carbon sticks, which are stuck in the body of the float and the highly visible hollow glass or fibre-glass antenna placed on the upper end of the wand. When fishing in windy weather these models of floats are stable in water. Firm Timm”s Dobbers offers a similar antenna for vaglenov Slider and Shark. In contrast to the usual vaglenov fixed antenna, model floats with interchangeable antennas are more expensive. For a good float will have to pay 7 to 10 euros. However, the purchase of two wagglers with replaceable antennas often cost more.

Bologna almost all the floats had a fixed, non-replaceable antenna, but eventually models began to appear with replaceable antennas, such as the Cralusso Bob. They have a flat shape and somewhat differently constructed than the classic Bolognese floats. But the floats are the usual forms now has the ability to change antennas. Firm Timm”s Dobbers, producing two models — Bolo Bolo 1 and 2, supplies the market with floats, which have three replaceable antenna of different thickness: thin plastic, medium and thick hollow. Skewer them on special, permanently mounted on the body of the float adapter. By color colors: yellow and red. They cost about 4 euros, not much more expensive than regular Bolognese floats.

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Firm Cralusso offers for river fishing floats model of Lutscher with different interchangeable antennas. So, for the model of the Torpedo are produced of top different shades and thickness. Fishing plug with normal floats, there are a number of models, which can replace the antenna. While it is possible to use a conventional interchangeable utykayas and put antenna. With viewsonice possible to quickly change the color of the antenna and to optimally adapt to changing light conditions.

And the firm’s Timm’Dobbers for their models Bastian, Paul and Lange Jan offers antenna red, yellow, black colors and two-tone. When you purchase such floats should pay attention to the fact that they had plastic or Teflon tube for sticking to their antennas. They can be used to avoid damage to the body of the float when sticking the antenna. The floats are balsa, for example, such damage is not uncommon. Well, if along with a wide selection of colors angler has a replaceable antenna of different thickness, then it will be better able to adapt to more situations, such as those that arise when changing a light lure on a heavy.

Stick with antennas that are easier to make because the floats have a thin fiberglass and a thicker hollow plastic antenna. In this case the hollow antenna if needed, you can just put on fiberglass. So can quickly adapt to the changing wind force and wave height. Unfortunately, these floats do not come with tops of different colors. Pay attention when buying floats to the top of the hollow sat firmly and didn’t go crazy on the cast, the bite and fighting the fish.

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Such floats offer the company Fishing Tackle Max, Michael Schlogl and Sensas. The ideal solution would be for me replacement put on top of the antenna, in which additionally it would be possible to insert a thin antenni. With such a combination of inserted and snap-in antennas can adapt to any light conditions.

Alternative floats for night fishing

The floats with thick plastic replacement tops with a diameter of 3 to 4.5 mm, it is possible to change the color of the antennas, and to fit them for fishing at dusk or at night, providing “Firefly”. Because of the thick antennas these floats are not always sympathetic, but they could well catch on a heavy lure of big bream, tench or carp. They successfully tested when fishing for predatory fish such as perch, pike and eels.

Pay attention to antonci you could stuff in a plastic or Teflon tube. Such floats offer a variety of different firms. Firm FTM has in its program model Tubertini Star and the Pro MAG two integrated series. These floats are designed for fishing in all reservoirs with a current and without it.

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