How to improve the efficiency of fishing. A few tricks

You went fishing, like all made according to the rules and the fish for some reason did not react to your bait? What to do not to return home with an empty bucket? Not a problem, there are a few tricks that will help significantly improve the performance of catch. Let’s look at some of them.

Bait for catching white fish

Before fishing peaceful fish in the rivers, first abundantly to lure the intended point. One of the effective methods used by many fishermen is that you need to go upstream and find a branch, hanging low enough over the water level. Hang it userswindows fish. After a while the carcass rots, and filled with insect larvae. They will fall into the water and become fish food. Fish will get used to such food, and this means that your bait they fear will not.

In cloudy, rainy weather white fish can be easily caught on the float rod, and cast tackle better in kamyshny or herbalist. Carefully observe the pond, you need to see even the small movement of the reed or aquatic vegetation. It is a signal that the fish at this place is actively looking for food.

Attach to the hook a small piece of bait, and throw it closer to the detected place. The bite will not be forthcoming.

The secrets of catching predators

Sometimes in the process of playing a predatory fish is the gathering. To fight against this phenomenon is very difficult, but it to increase sales of the strikes. Enough to slightly change the technique and tactics of fishing.

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Fish in polluted pond

Fishing Chub, pike, or walleye in muddy water will bring a much better result if you use a lure that makes noise when sliding on the water surface. In this case, the predator will think that it escapes the bleak, and rushes forward for a tackle. With this method of fishing it is desirable to use a long spinning.

Nozzle “edible rubber”

When bass are sluggish, he does not react well to the bait, cautiously tries the bait, and the angler feels mild tremors. When the strike is gathering fish from the hook as soon as the lure she feels its disgusting smell. For greater effectiveness replace synthetic rubber edible — it will instantly affect the bite.

Tiger develop a taste object, and willingly swallow it. Perch need to give such an opportunity: as soon as you feel the first poke fish do not rush immediately to strike. The movement of the hand give the rod forward, while loosening the line for security, wait a while.

Make the weight less tooling

It happens: everything seems to be done correctly: the nozzle on the hook, and pause stood, and when hooking fish on the hook there. You feel the bite as a few knocks on the head, and then silence. What to do? In such cases, many anglers replace the jig in a more lightweight. The fact that cautious perch feels great resistance of the object (unnatural for animal feed), and immediately leaving without sucking it. While reducing weight of the jig head (less than a gram), the performance of biting instantly increases.

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Deepthroat bass

The deeper the predator swallow the bait, the more chances of a good catch. In order for this to happen, you need to make easy, rhythmic jerking of the fishing line after landing float on the water. Fish thinks that such movement makes her entangled victim, and so greedily takes the bait.

Big size is not always a good thing

And this fully applies to baits for fishing predatory fish. In the case where a nozzle is a long worm, or crustacean, can be a very hurtful thing. You feel the bite, wait for reliability for some time, the bait, the fish swims a few meters, and then again, and all! And why?

Perch in most cases begins to take bait from the tail or tentacles, but keeps her out of the corner of his mouth slowly swallowing. That is, fish “relishes food.” When there is a strike, the fish in the mouth is a torn piece of bait dangling from a hook, but not reaching to the tip.

For greater impact fishing, you just need to nibble on the bait at least half, so it only barely covered the sting. But to overdo it is not the point of the hook should not protrude.

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