How to improve the working properties of maggots. Aromatization

Fishermen in search of a good catch are not afraid to experiment with bait, experiment and build theories, which are rejected by many scientists-ichthyologists. Consider, though, the maggot — the larvae of normal flies. The scientific world says that the fish do not care what color the larva, and these strange people saying the opposite. Each fisherman his own opinion about the smell and color of the bait, and only the recipe (as he believes) one hundred percent effective. It doesn’t matter that how many people, so many opinions — each of them deserves attention. In this article we’ll talk about ways of flavoring and color is such a popular lure for fishing carnivorous fish — maggots.

Ways of flavouring maggots

There are several ways to give the bait a distinctive odor:

Antiquated method: it takes you a lot of time and will require some physical effort. What is its essence? That sawdust before using it for its intended purpose (as a litter for larvae) necessary to boil. But fit not any sawdust, but only from deciduous trees. That is, they need to pour water in the ratio 1:2, and put the container on fire. There is added flavors. As the aromatic compound can be used, for example, various scented oils, sage, hemp, honey, herbal formulations etc.

After the contents of the pan began to boil, it should then on slow fire for another few minutes, then pass through a cheesecloth, wring out, and allow it to dry. In the old days, the wood chips were dried in the sun. Today this is completely unnecessary, because literally every apartment has microwave ovens.

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In the final stage maggots are passed in the obtained aromatic sawdust, where they are impregnated with the desired scent.

Modern methods

They are much less time consuming as it implies the use of innovative technologies. You only need to buy a jar of industrial aromatic composition with the desired odor, and sprinkle a few drops on the sawdust. Further, there are also, as in the first case, put larvae in sawdust mixture for impregnation.

And the last way is the easiest, but also quite effective. You just need to sprinkle the maggots a few drops of the composition. If the smell of fish will not like it, use another variant of the mixture.

Staining methods maggots

There is another factor, which gives the larvae of Calliphora the efficiency — dyeing in various colors. And make it very easy — just add to daily food insects natural oil dyes. The composition should be just oil, as a means of water-based cannot be sustained in the body of the insect, and soon will be printed out.

The skin of the larvae is very thin, the food is in the digestive system quite a long time. Thus, in a few hours after a meal, the body of the maggot is fully painted in the desired color.

For the coloration of larvae in yellow, add to their food natural egg yolks. You can use chemical compounds.

If you want to achieve a milky-white color maggots, feed it with fresh curd. By the way, this product also makes a great base for any of the coloring compositions.

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Another method of producing white color — adding in nutritious food powdery-chalk mixture. There are still non-standard, but pretty effective method — in a box with feed mixture put a plain white cloth soaked in egg whites.

To get a greenish hue enter in the diet of insects carefully chopped parsley. The composition should have a pasty consistency similar to a puree for newborn.

Well, what would the maggots took red color, it is necessary to feed finely grated beets, or carrots, or a worm, or a moth, and some even claim that with red brick, cut it into dust.

To ensure that your fishing brought the best result, better to paint the larvae the day before the event.

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