How to make a good reel for fishing

One day the wife decided to renovate a kitchen Board for cutting, sitting in the kitchen at the time and sipping tea, I noticed the old plastic Board, which was supposed to go in the garbage disposal. And then I came up with the idea and not make me of them, anything you want for fishing. Indeed, the next day in preparation for fishing, one kitchen Board for cutting useful for the manufacture of the reel for the new anchor cord or fishing line.

The reel for fishing a plastic Board

When fishing at great depths, the cord is long, and it often happens that the boat he is confused and stopping. Need a compact reelthat would free up space in the boat and not to spend nerves unraveling of the cord. And plastic cutting Board for these purposes fit perfectly! The pencil made a layout and an electric jig saw chose from the Board. Burrs that were formed in the process of cutting out, processed a file, smoothing the working surface. Vypily then smoothed with sandpaper. The result is a reel that is not wet in water, unlike wood. The cord is not confused, not curled and is always at hand, but still in working condition. Thanks to the existing Board the handle of this reel is very comfortable to use. Depending on the length of the cord spooled on the reel you can cut the recess to the right depth. The same reel will come in handy for cord depth gauge-unhook needed and when ice fishing, also for winding a thick fishing line.

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On the same principle, I decided to extend the life of a plastic canister from the primer remaining after repair. Of course, these canisters can be used for the storage and transportation of caught fish . Did the pencil markings with a utility knife and cut part of the plastic. Capacity happened all season: you can take it with you in winter, you can carry in the summer in the boat or to use on the beach. If the catch has been modest, no comment will not be. In principle fit the canister and as Cannes for zhivtsov. The handle was very helpful — now no problems with moving the catch from the boat or from the ice… unless, of course, not something oversized! But those trophies bring to the beach openly, with your head held high.

Of course, the modern industry provides the angler with all possible devices and items of equipment. But if you look around, you can successfully use in fishing and what lies beneath your feet or you plan to put them in the landfill

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