How to make a rubber band tackle for fishing

Tackle rubber band is very simple, in fact it is zakidushka or Donk, which is between the sinker and the main line, which is attached to leashes, installed fishing line and rubber cord.
According to the rules of fishing on the fishing tackle for more than 10 hooks per person is allowed, it should be considered to not be mistaken for poachers. To make the tackle gum You will need:
— the line from 0.5 to 0.8 mm, with the expectation of a big fish;
— fishing line for leads from 0.18 to 0.3 mm, for the predator must the network;
— vertushki to connect the main line with leashes;

— hooks, their size and shape it is necessary to choose the type and size of fish You expect to catch;
— fishing (aeromodelling) gum, its length is selected from deletion from the shore subject to exaggeration, to leave the bait reached the place of harvest.

Distance between joints of leads of 50 cm — 2 m, the length of leads from 15 cm to 60 cm, for rivers up to 1 m, to avoid overlaps and hooks hooks hooks. The length of the rubber bands choose from distance from the coast fished the place, but remember if the river or pond navigable you should not block their tackle the channel and to block the 2/3 width of the river. Violating this requirement You have higher chance to get acquainted with the bailiff.

On the main fishing line mounted end sleeves between the collars, for attaching hooks and avoid the possibility to cling to during transport. This will enable to reduce time for preparation of gear for casting. After fixing hooks for leashes, tie the main fishing line elastic aircraft modeling, yet it is called “sport”. It’s better to do the transition node with a swivel clasp. The desired number of bands are selected in the ratio of one meter to five meters of the line. And at the end of the gear Assembly mounted rubber damper to the load.

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For casting from shore with hand or with a boat and pulling the cord tied to the load. The weight pick up by experience, in the calculation it is necessary to take the speed of the current, the bigger it is, the heavier the weight. Boat are necessary if You are going to pull the rope over the range of Your throw. Before to carry the load arm, it is necessary to dissolve the gum line and on the shore so as to avoid confusion. This method of fishing is very simple and effective. The tackle does not require permanent zabrasyvanii, but only removed the caught fish and changing the bait.

What is more beneficial to a fish that you can simultaneously use multiple baits. This gives you the opportunity to identify the most effective today and in the pond. In the far hooks nagisetty the bait, which is better kept: manure worm, maggot, closer to the shore you can use the bread crumb barley. After determined by the preferences of the fish, increase the right type of nozzle. In order to lure the fish on the line, you can put small feeders without a load. Such a bait will form in the water slurry feed and attract the fish to the tackle.

On the line you can also set the alarms in the form of a bell. After the beep, pull the line out of the water, the fish removed from the hooks with a change of bait. This tackle is best caught carp, roach and skimmer bream, one should not rule out another fish, it all depends on what the bait on the hooks. But we should remember that it is always necessary to stop in time, if you have caught fish, you need to stop Your fishing excitement.

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