How to make homemade universal imitation fish and a circle for the winter and summer

Offers its readers a universal set, which in winter can be used as ice imitation fish for winter and summer as “the circle”, I called it “kruzhko-zherlitsa”. How to make your own, a miracle tackle at home. I made your “kruzhko-the imitation fish” on a lathe production Smolensk, which has a fixture for machining large diameter (Fig.1). On the machine faster manually can also be done, but it requires other materials, dense foams, and polyurethanes.

Billet round shape cut out jigsaw of the Board thickness 15-20 mm. Diameter blanks 145 mm (5 mm seam allowance). Fix the workpiece with screws on a special fixture and lathe.

The diameter of the workpiece after processing shall be 140 mm (in this case, imitation fish, you can set the hole diameter to 130 mm). The configuration of the side profile shown in Fig.2.

The hole in the center for installation of the keel “circle” are doing with a diameter of 5.5 mm and a through hole under the counter and imitation fish pen drill 18 mm drill. Then make a 3 to cut the fishing line: one from the periphery to the center of the future “mug” and two short, at a 90° angle (Fig.3). Stands for zherlits and balls for “circles” are machined on the same lathe on wood. Their sizes are shown in Fig.4.

There are many ways to protect wood from moisture. I breed 0.7 kg of yacht lacquer (1 can) 0.5 l of white spirit (1 bottle) in the trimmed container from drinking water with a capacity of 5 liters Put 8 pieces and leave for a day, then dry it. Rack and balls are treated in the same way.

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One side of the “mug” painted white, the other red. Balls are also two-tone. You only need to test the varnish and paint compatibility.

I used to work the oak, but is quite suitable and pine — it is easier to handle. The tree must be dry to the circle is not “cracked” and it took after treatment in the drying process.

The springs of the check boxes (Fig.5) can be made from old alarm clocks, but in my opinion, easier to buy, as well as katashiki for Gerlich. For keel “the circle” (Fig.6) use the whip from the winter fishing rods purchased at the bait shop. We in Bryansk region all these items of gear are not that expensive so worth.

Your line on the spool of imitation fish is attached by a loop — if the predator is completely unwound from the jaws, the line will remain securely in place. The same line can be used in summer, rewinding it to the “circle”.

Incidentally, the hole, where should such imitation fish, frosting is much slower.

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