How to use aromatic compounds for the activation of a bite

It is not always possible to guess whether to peck at the fish at the moment on a particular body of water. It depends on many factors, among which we can mention the aroma of the bait mixture, because the fish feels even the slightest change of taste and smell. In this article we will talk about the flavors.

There is no absolute certainty that, giving the desired flavor of a particular mixture and throwing it in the water, you can bring home from fishing ponds full of fish. That is why in the Arsenal of a fisherman needs to be formulations with different smells. Feel free to experiment, because the same flavor in a single pond can attract a lot of fish, and in the other the result will be zero. In the morning or odorous mixture works well and in the evening she already give a different smell.

The effect of water temperature on aromatic compounds

Depending on the conditions of fishing and the season scented mixtures and compounds work in different ways. Water temperature also significantly affects the efficiency of the bite. Note that the use of flavours in cold water should be very dosed. The rule is: it is better to apply the mixture with a soft spicy aroma, also brings a good result using animal odors.

When fishing in warm water is possible and necessary to experiment. The fish is able to respond to the most unusual odors, such as kerosene, but more she likes aromas with sweet notes.

Classification of flavours

For consistency, the flavors are divided into three main groups:

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  • Dry formulations. They usually add in already cooked and a bit moist bait. An advantage of the compositions is the ability to quickly attract fish to the place of fishing, while not scaring off its pungent odor. The effect lasts long. The most universal flavors – garlic and anise.
  • A liquid mixture. I have a persistent smell, and are added to the water, on which to knead the mixture. The period of validity longer, but the radius of the attracting fish is not as big as in dry formulations. Note that liquid formulations fasten mixture, and adding a liquid alcohol compounds change the taste of bait. Experienced anglers are advised to use these formulations for fishing in cold water because warm scent dissipates quickly. Flavors based oils in cold weather to use meaningless, because once they become viscous. A fragrant liquid meant for fishing are made on the basis of corn syrup. This flavoring makes foods taste and also acts as attractant (causes the object has a desire to actively respond to the source of the smell).
  • Aromatic sprays. They are designed to impart a desired odor, the bait balls are ready, bolam and nozzles for predatory fish. Aerosols are necessary to use in those cases when the fish is inactive reacts to the bait, and it needs to be enhanced. In the absence of biting it is better to try other methods of fishing or change the nozzle. In this case, the spray will have no effect. In warm summer water work better smells of fruit, caramel, spices, and meat and fish flavors. In the spring and autumn seasons are good at attracting fish meat and fish blends, aromas of spice and caramel, fruit.
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    Activators and Dips

    As a rule, these flavors for nozzles and baits are presented in liquid form. Before casting tackle, bait is dipped into the liquid, which gives it the smell that attracts the fish. Going on fishing, it is desirable to have a set of Dips of different flavors and colors. Fish need to experiment, choosing the most effective smells. By the way, keep in mind that the same flavor from different manufacturers may differ (sometimes significantly).

    Dips can be made of natural components. As a part of take a small portion of cinnamon, garlic, vanilla, anise, pepper, curry, fennel, or coriander seeds and then grinding them to a consistency of powder. Can be used both together and separately, and are selected experimentally.

    Natural liquid Dips

    For the manufacture of compounds used: oil with the aroma of garlic, hemp oil, fish oil, vanilla. The components are mixed in the ratio of one-to-one formulations of fat diluted one to two.

    Tip: dip the bait in a liquid composition prior to casting. If within ten minutes the bite is missing, perezapustit tackle with a new nozzle.

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