Ice fishing box

In addition to tackle, ice fishing involves the use of many fishing accessories, such as a hook, an extractor, a bump stop, a slotted spoon and others. All this needs to be stored somewhere and not just stored, but kept close at hand to use when necessary.

To store so many useful things, a separate container is required. In addition, squatting on a hole is extremely inconvenient. You have to sit on something, otherwise your back and legs will start to ache in just about half an hour, and by the end of the fishing trip they will generally become “wooden”. Both problems can be easily solved with the help of a simple device that every self-respecting ice fishing lover has. This is a fishing box for ice fishing, equipped with convenient compartments for storing fishing equipment inside, and a soft seat pad on top.

Advantages and disadvantages of boxes

All winter fishing anglers once went out on a frozen reservoir for the first time. Someone went on their first ice fishing already fully equipped, but for most of the fishermen it was a reconnaissance, for which they took only an ice pick, a fishing rod, bloodworms and tea in a thermos. In the process of fishing, it turned out that raking out ice crumbs from the hole with your hands is not the most pleasant task, it is very difficult to pull out a deeply swallowed bait from the mouth of a fish without a special tool, and fishing on your knees is fraught with serious health problems. In other words, you need a sturdy container for storing various accessories, on which you can also sit. Both functions are perfectly fulfilled by the fishing box for winter fishing.

Metal box

Another plus of the box is the convenient location of fishing and accessories. Everything is thought out in it. There is a catch compartment, attachments for fishing rods, zippered pockets for a knife or lighter, and so on. That is, you just need to remember what is stored where, and then you won’t have to look for the right thing for a long time.

So, the main advantages of a fishing box are practicality and functionality.… Does it have any disadvantages? Some fishermen complain about the bulkiness. Sometimes it is necessary to overcome more than one kilometer to the place of fishing, and it is twice as difficult to wade through the snow with a box on your shoulder. But in this case, runners help out, you just need to come up with and install fasteners for them. A container with runners can be dragged along like a sled.

Manufacturing materials

Winter fishing containers are made from different materials that can withstand the weight of the angler, extremely low temperatures, do not allow moisture to pass through, and have sufficient strength to withstand accidental impacts on hard objects. Let’s consider the most common ones.

  • Plastic boxMetal alloys… Metal boxes have become very popular in recent years. They are durable, resistant to mechanical damage even in severe frost, and differ in external aesthetics. They are somewhat heavier than products made from other materials and more expensive, but this is compensated by their quality, reliability and durability. As the fishermen themselves say, any metal box is indestructible.
  • Plastic… The plastic container is lightweight, great for walking fishing. It’s no secret that in winter you have to constantly look for active fish, moving around the entire reservoir. It is for such fishing that it is recommended to choose a plastic model. The only thing to remember is the fragility that plastic acquires in the cold. To avoid cracks, such a box must be operated as carefully as possible.
  • Wood and plywood… In specialized stores, wooden products are not sold, they are made by craftsmen with their own hands. It is also a perfectly acceptable option, but you can only use it in dry weather, since wood tends to absorb moisture. So that the water does not destroy the material, such a box will have to be dried after each fishing.
  • Styrofoam… Differs in incredible lightness and ability to keep warm, which is important in winter. Food in a foam product does not freeze, and you can also leave bait in it. For manufacturing, a foam sheet with a thickness of at least 3 cm is used, and so that you can sit, the foam walls are sewn onto a metal frame. The Styrofoam Ice Fishing Crate is easy to make at home.
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As you can see, there are more than enough options. Everyone chooses based on their preferences and needs.

How to choose a fishing box for ice fishing?

Each fisherman-winter road makes a number of his requirements to the box. What should it be? Much depends on the chosen fishing method. You should also consider the number of tackles and accessories that you may need during fishing. So that they do not break or deform, separate compartments and special fasteners must be provided inside.

Box on ice

Jiggers and floaters usually do not stay in one place for a long time, so they use boxes made of light materials. Since in such fishing one cannot do without spare tackle, bait, skimmers and other necessary things, the inner space of the product should be large enough. As for the shape, it is much more convenient to seduce underwater inhabitants into a bite with a playing bait or watch the float on a low box with a wide seat.

For fans of vertical lure, a large box is completely useless, usually only spare tackle, a set of spinners, a thermos and a couple of sandwiches are stored in it. It should also be as light as possible so as not to interfere with overcoming long distances. If on 5-7 tosses the predator in the hole does not respond, the angler goes further, so it is preferable to choose a high model, with which it is easier to get up and continue moving.

Zherlichniki, despite the current restrictions on the number of such tackle, take dozens of zherlichniks for fishing, as well as a container with live bait, an extractor, a yawner, a hook, a decent supply of food and a large thermos. All this can only be stored in a spacious, spacious box. Its weight does not play a special role, since fishing with a girder does not imply constant movement across the reservoir. After installing them, the angler just sits and whiled away the time waiting for a bite.

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An important characteristic of the ice fishing crate is the interior layout. The presence of a “fish compartment” is encouraged, in which it is advisable to put a plastic bag in order to prevent contamination of the walls. On the side of some models, there is a round opening (window) that allows you to put the caught fish into the box without lifting.

Separate compartments for storing hot drinks and food will not interfere. On the inside of the cover, rubber bands are usually installed for attaching fishing rods, which is also very convenient. If each thing is in its place, the fisherman will not lose precious time in search of it, which is always lacking in winter fishing.

Compared to summer fishing, winter fishing does not have a high level of comfort, but much depends on the angler himself, in particular the box that he has chosen. Fishing comfort is noticeably increased if the upper part is covered with a soft moisture resistant material. It can be polyurethane foam or foam rubber, in homemade constructions – a piece of foam, adjusted to the size of the lid.

Rating of the best boxes – TOP 5

Many manufacturers of fishing tackle and accessories produce ice fishing boxes in different price points. Someone is satisfied with cheap primitive products (the main thing is to have something to sit on), others do not spare money on an expensive prestigious model. The price is influenced by the characteristics and quality of the product. Among all manufacturers, several companies stand out, whose products have collected a lot of positive feedback from grateful fans of ice fishing. Let’s list the advantages of such boxes:

  1. Rapala Winter CrateRapala – well-thought-out layout, the ability to change compartments at your discretion due to the presence of removable dividers, heat-insulating coating of the walls, high strength that allows the product to be used as a seat (including foam), a reliable transport belt.
  2. Salmo – made of frost-resistant materials, do not be afraid of blows, except for the standard belt, they are equipped with special loops for carrying on the back (like a backpack), the height of most models is 39 cm, so it is convenient and comfortable to sit on them.
  3. Teho – have the same advantages as the above boxes, there is a window for placing the caught fish in the fish compartment, foam plastic is installed in the lid of every second model, a distinctive feature is anti-slip sides at the bottom edges, which keep the box on slippery ice in windy weather.
  4. Aquatech plastics – inexpensive plastic products weighing up to 3 kg with different internal equipment, equipped with strong belts with anti-slip lining and soft pads on the lid, easily support a large person weighing up to 130 kg, the set includes additional partitions, with which you can divide the interior space as you like.
  5. A-elita – strong, roomy and at the same time affordable plastic boxes that can withstand severe frosts, have removable partitions that make the structure even more durable, the lid provides transparent compartments for storing various little things, a polypropylene plate with a low heat transfer coefficient is installed on top, there is a built-in thermometer inside …
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The variety is more than enough for even the most picky winter fisherman to choose exactly what he needs. Nevertheless, many people prefer to make their own boxes from suitable materials. For example, on ponds you can see a homemade product from a computer case or a rectangular plastic canister. Fishermen are skilled people, they can turn anything into a useful thing.

DIY winter fishing box

An excellent blank for the handicraft production of a winter box is a freezer taken from an old, damaged refrigerator. The alloy from which it is made is very lightweight, reliable and durable. The product from it will last for more than a dozen years, and the children will also get it.

Homemade box

The manufacturing process consists of several stages. First, the camera needs to be prepared, namely, to cut off all unnecessary things from it (tubes, various mounts, and so on). Then, putting the blank with the end part to a sheet of plywood, you need to circle it with a pencil, and then cut out the bottom and lid with a jigsaw. The bottom can also be made of galvanized iron, which will not absorb moisture like plywood. If this is not the case, then the plywood bottom should be impregnated with a waterproof impregnation.

How to attach this element to a prepared freezer? If it is plywood, then self-tapping screws would be the best option, and metal can be securely fixed with corners and rivets.

Before attaching the lid of the box to the piano hinges, it must be insulated. You can limit yourself to a piece of foam, but it’s better to spend a little time and build a soft pad made of foam rubber and leatherette. The lid is upholstered with these materials using a construction stapler. To prevent it from opening spontaneously, you will also have to install a latch (on the opposite side from the hinges).

From what to make partitions and where to put them, everyone decides for himself. The homemade ice fishing box is almost ready, it remains only to equip it with a belt, the ends of which are fixed in the upper outer part of the chamber with rivets.

It is even easier to make a box from a plywood sheet. In this case, for a start, it is worth determining the size of the box for winter fishing (draw a sketch), make the appropriate marks on the plywood and cut out all the necessary elements with a jigsaw. To connect them, wooden bars or metal corners and self-tapping screws are used.

The lid is insulated with polystyrene or foam rubber, installed on furniture hinges. The fittings are attached in the same way as in the previous version. The joints should be sealed with sealant so that moisture does not get inside. The final stage is covering the box with hot linseed oil, painting, varnishing. Several coats of varnish will provide good protection.

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