Images of foxes on coins

Photo by the author.

Photo by the author.

The remaining coins belong to the category of so-called memorabilia, and they are minted, based on collectors and small investors, of gold and silver.

Sometimes these coins are decorated with inlays of precious stones.

From the coins of the topic under consideration such coins with inserts in the eyes of foxes of small natural diamonds were released by the Republic of Belarus and the island of Fiji.

For Belarus, this is the golden 20 rubles of the 2002 issue.

On the reverse of the coin, where the head of the red fox is placed, is written its Latin name – “Vulpes vulpes”.

Coin Fiji generally has an unusual appearance – it has the shape of a mask in the form of a fox head.

The coin with the nominal value of $ 5 is minted from gold in 2018 and is included in the “Masks of Animals” series. Two diamonds are also inserted into the eyes of this beast.

Photo by the author.

Austria in 2016 devoted to foxes a gold coin with a face value of 100 euros. On its obverse, there is a fox in the grass, on the reverse – a fox with two foxes.

From European countries, Andorra in 1997 issued a silver coin with the face value of 10 diners with a fox and a fox.

Most of all the varieties of coins with the image of foxes released Canada. These are silver 300 Canadian dollars (CAD) of 1993 with a family of foxes, 450 CAD of 2003 with a fox on the background of a mining shaft, an investment silver coin weighing one troy ounce with a color image of a red fox on the reverse, and another again with a color image of two foxes running on the prairie.

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In 2019 in the series “Fauna of Canada” 20 CAD came out with a color image of a pair of foxes under a tree.

In Asia, Mongolia in 2018, one of the silver coins with a face value of 500 tugriks from the series "Spirits of the forest" dedicated to the fox.

Photo by the author.

Some of the Pacific Island States have issued memorable coins as an important item in their budget. These coins are minted on the largest mints of the world, and therefore they are of high quality.

Two of these, in addition to those mentioned by Fiji, namely the Cook Islands and Niue, have not forgotten about foxes. On behalf of the first in 2014, they minted two silver New Zealand dollars with the image of a red fox on the reverse.

On the obverse is traditionally placed a portrait of the English Queen Elizabeth II. Of the two Niue coins, one has a rectangular shape and is part of the “Art of Hunting” series. In the background is a scene of the traditional English horseback hunting fox, and next to the red fox is a hunting dog. The coin is made of silver and has a face value of 1 New Zealand dollar.

The second of the same denomination – the usual round was released in 2015. In the foreground we see an image of a red fox, and in the background – a winter fox hunting for small rodents – a little muscle.

Israel minted a series of silver coins under the common name "Biblical flora and fauna."

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In this series, in 1995, two face value of 1 and 2 shekels “Fox and Grapes” were issued. Both coins have the same pattern.

On the obverse – a bunch of grapes, on the reverse – a fox.
The named biblical story formed the basis of Krylov's fable "The Fox and Grapes."

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