Inertial spinning reel

Inertial reel for spinning the device has an aluminum drum mounted on the drive bracket is T — shaped. The drum has the bearing hole or bushing under the axle intended for rotation. Coil with bracket connected with the handle of a fishing rod. Coil with such a structure provided with a stopper ratchet, with the inclusion of placed on the outside of the disk. Modern inertial reels to spinning more upgraded part, they installed additional motorlaiviai. When the correct adjustment if you have the spinning is a skill that this device reduces the likelihood of tangling of the line. In addition, they can balance wheels and bearings. Such devices are provided with softness and uniformity of rotation of the drum, eliminates the transverse and longitudinal gaps appearing during fast winding of the line.

Sometimes the drum is provided with looped line bale with PREROLL distributes the line on the reel across the width, and when the cast performs the function of braking. The drum has one or two arms to impart rotation to the reel and reeling the line up. The inertia reel should have a light reel with a minimum clearance between his rear cheeks and rim drive. With Decreasing the clearance, decreasing the possibility of probable “zazhevyvaya” line. The optimum gap is not more than 0.15-0.2 mm. There are many types of inertia reels. It is worth noting that much of a difference they don’t have them differ only in appearance and size.

Reel for pike on the Alley

Yes, eperimentation coils now will not make spinningovye the younger generation of fishermen, but in zakoryazhennyh places snags where the fish grabs huge spoons with a thick line, this reel is very handy. Coil stamps “Neva” I spinning pike on the river Aley at the Rubtsovsk. First caught her boldly, because it is more reliable than a spinning reel. Secondly, with a thick line ø 0.8 mm, with trolling large kolbaskami, do not fear for the loss of spoons, metal leashes, I did not apply. It has been 2 years I have fished from the beginning of autumn frosts to Pervolia, spoons large size on the river Aley at Veseloyarsk, fishing for pike and always successfully.

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Come on 2 hour or so in the evening after work and pull up to 3-4 pike weighing 2-5 kg, zagorevskii on the boat in front of the window with driftwood, there is a spinning reel to fish for pike fail. Length maximum throw just 10 metres away with my twist, that is the spirit, the spoon hook is not found in the coastal koreinik Windows and bite. It remains only to draw out without weakening the line to prevent tangling of fish in the snags. It turned out that you can fish on the Alley spinning quite successfully, in this river pike loves large spoon lures. If you find a place among the snags where the evening and morning is most often splashing pike, you will drive to these places for fishing like in the store, took a few fishes and go home.

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