A few different looks combined bait — Mahallesi. They consist of a two-bladed propeller, which acts as a spinner creates high-frequency vibrations of the head-of the rotor and disguised with colored feathers calf, performing part-time function protivotankovaya. Typically, these lures are small (from 3 g to 12 g) and is equipped with small tees. To facilitate the rotation of the blades, they are mounted on the Central rod between the two colored beads.

Mahallesi is a highly specialized lure designed for catching fish trolling rod. But they are successfully used for fishing trout, grayling, Chub, perch, roach, Chub, Rudd, seeking food in the surface water levels. Propellers Mahallesi allows you to start the maximum rotation at minimum speed and make light calf baits on the surface.

Therefore, their application will be effective in waters without current. It is permissible to use them on waters with slow flows, but pick up the heavy bait of this kind.

Tactics of fishing may vary and differ, so to get a good catch it is necessary to select individually, but always have one rule: post Mahallesi to do with short-term stops, thereby allowing the bait to sink to desired depth.

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