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Throughout the long winter, anglers have dreamed that quickly came their time, and that’s true — the season of summer fishing is open. Now you can get from the hidden places their stocks of summer gear. Some of them were purchased long before the time of fishing, and some made their own. In this article you will learn about the manufacture from scrap materials and with a minimum of effort different baits for spinning.

No secret that experienced fishermen can make artificial bait in almost any material. Useful for everything: dessert spoon, beer tube, coin, and even tin. Here’s guidelines that will help in the manufacture of the most common types of lures.

“Spoons” from a regular spoon

Lures of this type are made, generally of metal. They have a curved shape, with one edge on which is fixed the hook. On the shelves of such lures a lot — from the abundance of forms, of tones and semitones going round the head. But why to buy them when we can produce such a product on their hands. There is nothing wrong, just need to choose the right size a snap.

There are two options for making the spinners: from the dining / dessert spoons. The first is more suitable for the manufacture of tackle to catch that trophy fish, the second will make excellent spinner for fishing the river predators.

Without which it will be difficult to do:

  • no metal spoons;
  • grinder or file;
  • drills on metal;
  • clockwork rings.

How to make spoon

First of all, you need to prepare everything necessary for the convenience of neatly spread out next to him. Using the grinder cut off on the scoop handle. Then, in the bucket you need to drill two holes at the edges. One of them subsequently to be threaded fishing line or cord, inserted in the second winding ring and secured to the hook. Here, actually, the spinner is ready.

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There are only how to Polish the tackle, and, if desired, to dye it any color of your choice.

Manufacturer of spinning artificial lures

These spinners consist of two parts: the core, which is mounted petal with a hook and the petal, which gives the rotation of the gear. In the process of fishing is the movement of the petal pieces around the core. In this case, the fish reacts to the bait. It is possible to make a “chopper” in several ways. Let’s consider them in more detail.

For making spinners first method, you need to take:

  • a small piece of a metal plate;
  • tools for working in metal: drill, scissors, hammer;
  • a few of the beads;
  • a ball from a ball bearing;
  • thin wire;
  • lead frame for a mold.

How to make spoon

First of all, you need to cut out iron plates are billet. Drill it from the top, thus the petal. Put the iron strip on the mandrel, and absolutely ball hammer, give it a spherical shape. When the sphere is obtained, it is placed in a petal and he is also attached to a spherical form. Grind the workpiece from all sides.

If you want, you can make a petal faceted. For this purpose, tapping with a hammer on the ball, the plate is given versatility. Further, the wire winding ring is worn with the tee, bead and sinker. The other end of the wire is passed through or clamp, or directly into the hole drilled in the workpiece, and then is bent.

Spinner on bass from tube

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The chopper made another way quite original, but, nevertheless, works great for striped predators and perches. For manufacturing the equipment you need to prepare:

  • Metal tube.
  • The old spinner-the spinner.
  • Pliers.
  • A few beads.
  • How to make spoon

    With old spinners remove the weight. Using the pliers attach a tin tube so that inside it you can place the beads. Next, you have to re-collect bait at the same time, leaving some distance between the tee and petal. After this re-design is put on the Central part of the spinner, and the tube is clamped to the end.

    The main feature of this spinner is the balls, which should move freely inside the tube, emitting a specific sound. That’s all noise gear ready.

    The bait is made from steel tubing

    There is another interesting option is the artificial baits — small cut steel beads. The manufacture of such gear will not take you much time.

    To make tackle the first method, you need to trim the tube so that its end faces have different angles. We clean and Polish the resulting product, drill holes at each end. With one hand tied fishing line or leash, with another tee.

    The second method is similar to the first, just need to get a few tubes. They are interconnected clockwork rings. It’s kind of Mandola. The spinner gives good results because its curves make the lure very similar to the natural movement of fish.

    Here are just a few options for self-production lures. It won’t take you much time, and the result of the catch can be very good.

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