Malek Pyzdrik – the modern perch killer

Quite recently, or more precisely, a couple of years ago, the fishing world was presented with an artificial fish bait called Pyzdrik, which differs from all existing similar products. This is a miniature imitation of a young of the year fry made of composite materials. According to the creators, it perfectly catches all predators without exception, and if served correctly, it can seduce many peaceful fish.

Not only is ice fishing for pizdrik effective, it is relevant throughout the year. In summer, it can be used with the fly-fishing method, with a float rod in the harness, microjig tackle, used in combination with a Carolisk rig and a diverter line. The bait size ranges from 2-5 cm, it can be equipped with both single and double hooks. It is positioned as a handmade reel, excluding the planting of bloodworms, maggots and other animals, but today the fishermen have proven the opposite. However, more on that later, first let’s figure out how good it is in the form in which we are offered to catch it.

The secret of the catchability of the pyzdrik fry

Perhaps for some it will be a great discovery, but fry are the basis of nutrition for any adult fish, including peaceful ones. This fact made the authors of the bait think about creating the most accurate copy of a small fish. After numerous experiments with different materials, they settled on the silicone tested over the years and, I must say, were not mistaken.

Fish in handThe first pyzdriki did not come out very well, but gradually the fry emerged, acquired eyes and an attractive fluffy tail, the best colors were determined. The result is a very effective bait that guarantees a catch almost 100%. But the problem is that it was tested on water bodies that are not under strong pressure from the fishing crew. This is Lake Baikal and such large waterways as Lena and Yenisei. Even today, these rivers are full of fish, so they bite on anything. But will the pyzdrik be caught in some village lake, where poachers do not even take their nets from the water? This is the question!

Winter montage and bait play

Fishermen, who recognized artificial fry and were convinced of its catchability from their own experience, recommend mounting it in accordance with all the rules of sport fishing. That is, no garlands or other rigs with dozens of hooks. Moreover, the pyzdrik tackle works better in the near-bottom horizon, and not half-water, and even more so near the surface. This is especially true for perch fishing. You need to mount it on a leash about 15 cm long. A weight is installed at the connection of the main line and the leash, without which it is difficult to control a practically weightless bait. Some people advise to change this sequence – install a puffer on top, and a sinker below. In their opinion, with this option, the catch almost doubles.

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It’s a great idea to use a small castmaster instead of cargo. What is its beauty? Firstly, with active biting on the castmaster, you can leave the tee and count on doublets (catching two individuals at once). Secondly, when mounting with an overhead load, it is convenient to tie this lure, since it has holes on both sides. Thirdly, the same perch is sometimes passive and simply hits its head on the iron without sitting on the hook. In this case, the castmaster and the fry work in pairs: the lure attracts a striped predator with its brilliance, which approaches, sees a slowly gliding pyzdrik and calmly swallows it.
Pyzdrik installation diagram
The fishing line up to the weight can be any, even 0.3 mm, and for the leash it is advisable to use a thinner one – 0.14 or 0.15 mm. When the rig is lowered to day, the angler makes a short swing with the rod. After the toss, the castmaster will fall quickly, and the silicone fry, which has neutral buoyancy, will smoothly descend to the bottom surface. Most often, a bite occurs at this moment.

The described method is not the only one. Artificial fish can be used without load, like a regular rewinder jig. The game in this case must be appropriate: rises, falls, vibrations, wiggles, tremors and other movements suitable for such a bait.

Silicone fish in handIn the speckle bait, the fish sees something between a whitefish fry and a mormysh that lives in almost all water bodies. But if the bait is of poor quality, the object of catching may suspect a catch and will not dare to attack. The same picture is observed during periods when the underwater inhabitants are inactive. It seems that the place is promising (proven), and the weather is perfect, but there is no bite. What to do? Contrary to the recommendations of the developers, some fishermen advise to hook a real mormysh. This approach can radically change boring fishing, make it gambling and exciting.

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Do it yourself pyzdrik

Despite the fact that the cost of the new item is quite democratic (a little more than $ 1), it is not easy to buy it. The reason is the absence in fishing shops. That is why, over the two years of the existence of the pyzdrik fry, many have learned how to make it with their own hands. It is worth saying that the bite of a predator on a homemade fish gives completely different sensations, a person receives a real reward for his efforts and perseverance.

So what does it take to make a catchy bladder? The tail of the factory product is made of fine elastic hairs that stretch like an elastic band. Finding such material is problematic, so fishermen use ordinary threads. It turns out a little different, but the perch and other fish still bite, and this is the most important thing. In addition to the threads, you will need hooks with a long forearm, the size of which is best selected by applying different numbers to the finished commercial bait. You will also need a pin, superglue, tweezers, pliers, and an old silicone bait. For example, a vibrotail with a bitten off tail after the next meeting with a pike. It is desirable that it be transparent with a small amount of sparkles inside, this one looks prettier. You also need to find some kind of glass container to melt the silicone in it.

Lure kitIf you have the skills in such work, then it will not take a lot of time to install the pyzdrik fry with your own hands. First, bend the eye of the hook towards the tip at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Then bite off a metal rod 3-4 millimeters long from the pin and glue it with superglue at the bend across the forearm. This insert will mimic the eyes of a fry. Then you need to cut off a piece of thread and, releasing one end of the required length to the sting of the hook, wind it with a figure eight around a piece of a pin. It should be twisted evenly so that the head of the miniature fish turns out to be even. The second end of the thread also retracts towards the sting. Now you need to take the thread again and do the same manipulation. The more pieces are wound, the more magnificent the tail will turn out. When the bump takes the desired shape, on top of its body, you can apply a seductive red dot with a marker, and make more expressive eyes on the sides with black. The workpiece is completely ready.

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The second step is to melt the silicone. To do this, a spoiled vibrotail or twister must be cut into small pieces (this way it will melt faster), place them in a glass container and send them to the microwave. It is known that the density of silicone is different, so it is advisable to look into the microwave every 30-40 seconds and stir the mass if necessary. When it becomes liquid and homogeneous, it’s time to lower the workpiece into it, holding it by the tip of the hook with tweezers. If there is too much silicone or ugly streaks form, it’s okay, all this can then be carefully cut off with a clerical knife. The bait cools down in less than a minute. The first experience is often not very successful, the second time will turn out better, and the tenth bait will look no worse than the store bait.

For those who find the threads too coarse, there is some useful advice. Perhaps in the arsenal of the spouse there is a pipidastre – a multi-colored duster for brushing off dust. Its ultra-thin bristle will be an excellent tail for a pyzdrik, you just need to quietly cut off a small bun for the faithful.

Try it, find interesting materials, make catchy puffy fry with your own hands and enjoy this hobby.

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