Methods of carp fishing

In what ways is the carp fishing there? Answer this pressing question, which is of interest not only to novice anglers on carp, but experienced carpatica.

With regard to carp fishing, they are very diverse. Carp can hunt any gear, though the flight feathers are the bait, at least for carpfishing tackle. However, purposefully to catch carp, I would suggest, yet, in bottom gear than on the float.

Poles has a limited distance of fishing. All bottom gear can be divided into 2 types: samolovnye (maquette, satellites) and more sane bottom gear. As for samolovnye gear, it is possible for them to catch. And does it make sense? In this case, the carp himself took the bait, pouncing. It remains only to extract. Of gear which would have fished carp while revenge had not yet been invented. Chance the fish off the hook or to break the leash is not. Especially if catching at the same time on a few hooks (fishing on maturnity).

Here is a feeder fishing or on the Donk with a trough is another matter. Here are the chances of a carp angler in opposition to very equal.

All normal methods of carp are associated with the correct bait desired volume in a particular situation. To believe that carp is possible to overfill the bait, and he will leave. It is a myth, completely wrong.Carp — fish that can eat constantly.

As for feeder fishing, for carp are more suitable feeders “method” and a fairly short leashes. As a rule when casting to avoid twisting of the leash, the hook hidden in the bait. After casting or after the start of bait on the bottom, the baited hook is released. The initial lure, and massive — mandatory.

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One of the options for carp fishing is catching on the foam (on the net or with a planting any bait). Novice anglers make a mistake. They are trying to tie a leash with 2 hooks, one above the trough, the second — below. It will do nothing more than that can hurt. Plants in the water grow. Carp will take that chance and get caught by the second hook, even for a lone stalk of cane, which will stick out of the water.

Fishing with hair tooling is very popular. This is not fishing with baits, as they can think of some newcomers. The bait in this method of fishing are — corn, pellets, maggots. The meaning of this fishing is not to cause great injury to fish when fishing. Hair snap allows you to do it best.

Virtually all carp snap is designed to autopodder. This is achieved by the weight of sinkers. This applies to fishing at long range, where hooking fish in a natural way is not possible. This trip depends on the proper tactics of complementary feeding. The basic rule of feeding – the more the better! The bait, of course, very difficult to deliver to the desired point of the reservoir. This applies to a large distance.

At medium and close range, everything is much simpler. To help carpatica there are special slingshots and rockets for long casting. Sometimes used a boat to get closer to the place of casting prikormki.

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