Monocular Bushnell 16×52

Lately increasingly popular new items of gear and equipment, which people are not quite used to. Animals and fish be careful to catch them we have to introduce new devices. To help you see beyond when you loved job, we decided to tell where to buy the Bushnell monocular telescope 16×52.

This is a heavy duty, fairly compact, lightweight, waterproof and shockproof monocular for hunting and fishing. Many have long used it while doing, well, those who haven’t tried this device, we dedicate this article.

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Monocular Bushnell is able to magnify objects 16 times. That will give you a great advantage in hunting, fishing and camping. Very often the power of a regular binoculars is not enough to examine a promising place or prey.

The device allows to expand the field of view to 66/8000 meters. And it is quite a lot, such parameters can not boast of even more expensive models of binoculars from well-known manufacturers, so the price of the monocular seems just a void.

Monocular Bushnell allows you to get a quality and clear image. If it has a high light transmittance, which allows to obtain high-quality glass optics. In the production of which was attended by scientists and doctors ophthalmologists from around the world.

As is clear from the name, the monocular equipped with a high quality lens with a diameter of 52 mm. This diameter is enough for a comfortable magnification of objects. Studies have shown that this lens is best suited for average Russians.

Monocular Bushnell 16×52 is specifically designed to operate in extreme conditions. It is equipped with a rubberized metal, shock-proof casewhich allows to use the device at temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees Celsius.

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The device has a powerful dual design adjustment of focus, which allows you to get the picture of very high quality. However, he weighs relatively little — only 270 grams, so it’s easy to carry in your pocket or backpack.


With the help of the bushnell 16×52 you can comfortably and just observe nature, choose a place to swim on the boat while fishing, to observe in ambush for game hunting, and it also helps you a lot while working on high-rise buildings.

Thanks to the rubber coating of the housing of the monocular is protected from shocks and the vagaries of the weather. And because of this it is easy to use — rubber does not slip and the grip is very secure. Also lenses protected from fogging.

By using lenses of high quality turns out very bright and beautiful image. And aspherical element in the lens allows to achieve the image clarity and eliminates distortion. Good visibility of the field of view is ensured thanks to construction with rendered point-of-sight (is perfect even for those who wear glasses).

Turn-and-slide eyecups allow for a very easy to choose the correct location of the device relative to your eyes. And to achieve the widest possible field of view while maintaining high picture quality.

For maximum sharpness in the monocular use multi-layer antireflective coated lenses and large objective diameter. And the optics of glass Eco-glassthat does not contain lead and arsenic, allows to increase the image, while preserving its quality.

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Eugene, 43 years, Moscow
Since childhood, fishing. They often go for the pike perch. But the motor I have to pull the oars. Sometimes sail to the fishing spot a mile away, and there thickets and we have to swim back, which is not particularly interesting. But now, when I decided to buy a bushnell monocular telescope 16×52 no such problems. Very happy with purchase.

Dmitry, 17, SPb
Fond of hunting since his childhood. Father from an early age taught me to hunt game and sometimes you have to go to the place of ambush very long, through the woods, and to carry a bulky pair of binoculars is not very convenient. So I decided to get a monocular, as it is quite compact and lightweight. Very pleased with purchase, would recommend it to all hunters.

Gregory, 23 years old Samara
My father is 47 years old and he is an avid fisherman, for his birthday he decided to give the bushnell monocular to ease the process of finding fish in the pond (he sincerely believes that signalled the presence of fish are seagulls and vehemently seek out them). Says this thing works quite well and with his bad vision (-1,5 on both eyes), he manages to see seagulls from a distance of 1.5 km.

Also I suggest you to watch the video review of this device, which takes only 40 seconds of your precious time. In the video you can see and track adjustment system of lenses and its benefits.

Where to buy

Draw your attention to the fact that the Internet has divorced a lot of fakes and therefore worth buying tackle and equipment only proven, official stores. The link to the official store provided by your.

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And click on the button below, you will be able to fill out a simple application form for purchasing a monocular and you’ll just have to wait for the call Manager (5-10 minutes) to Refine the data delivery.

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The price of the monocular is 6370 rubles, but not for our site visitors. Clicking on the link provided above, you will receive a discount and pay for the device only 2990 rubles. But that’s not all, you will get a Panerai as a gift. Hurry, offer time is limited.

When ordering goods offered in the store you get 12 months official warranty. Delivery to any region of Russia within 3-15 days payment upon receipt of goods. Official suppliers never require prepayment, pay attention to it. Buy monocular in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova.

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