Night fishing for carp

If your fishing for carp at night? Reduced if the catch after sunset with the sunset? If the answer to the first question is no and second is Yes, then you are likely a beginner in this kind of fishing. In this article, we will discuss the answers to these pressing questions. After reading this article You will get some tips on the subject.

The choice of location
Experienced carpatica know that often carp daytime spends in the same area, and with the onset of darkness changes his location to another for feeding.
Only experience and observing the behavior of the carp will help You to understand the behavior of fish and in what places and at what time of the day, the carp prefers. And already, based on the experience of your research, you can correctly choose the place for fishing depending on the time spent at the lake.
If you need to leave early in the morning, you should look for an area that will be best at night. Arriving to the pond after dark, listen to where the fish are active.

Complementary feeding
Carpatica during the night session too heavily baited spot of fishing. But you didn’t come here to feed the fish! Complementary feeding small portions after being caught each fish is probably the most effective tactic. When you catch not far from shore and can deliver the bait with a slingshot, then try to determine how much mix you want to throw with maximum force to achieve the required range. If the bait does not reach, reduce the portion, if flying too far, add a little. And so until then, until you reach the desired distance. Then you can successfully and in reasonable quantities to feed after each caught trophy.
There is no better way to deliver bait directly to fishing spot than using PVA bags. Always carry some pre-prepared bags of bait.

To keep the fish in the area fishing, throw a fresh bag after each bite.

Good planning and organization of fishery
It is very important that everything was organized, especially after dark. If you know where everything is, you will easily find the desired object, feeling for his hand. So you will save a lot of time at the session and, as a result, catch more fish. If advance linked equipment and to prepare the bags of bait, then your hard life the night hunter will become much easier.
Try to keep around you was order and cleanliness. Pay special attention to the objects on which you can stumble. Pick a tent not too far from the rods. Closer than you, the faster you can react to the bite of carp. Make sure that the sound of the alarm bite loud enough, and quickly you will Wake up. Would be a shame to simply miss the bite, so if you like hard to sleep, keep near pillow pager alarm.
You need to be prepared not only physically but also mentally. It is very important to plan what you will do in case of bite, especially if you are around bushes and driftwood. Imagine that you woke up to the alarm, and you’re half asleep and don’t know where to go and what to grab. In this regard, just must be considered beforehand. I, for example, before you go to sleep, lying on the pillow replaying all my actions in the event of the alarm status. And as these last thoughts before I fall asleep, upon awakening, they’re still on my mind.

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Cooking life easier.

Of course, it is not necessary to take the kitchen sink, but the situation still needs to be comfortable. If you are hungry, wet or cold, the fishing simply will not bring you any pleasure. Start with in order to get a shelter or similar kind of shelter. If you decide to take your umbrella or tent, they will make your session comfortable and enjoyable, as it will protect from rain and wind. Even better, when the tent or shelter can be easily assembled and disassembled.
In the summer, be sure to attach the mosquito net, because mosquito night — a real nightmare. Comfortable bed and sleeping bag can also be attributed to the essential things, especially when the temperature begins to fall. At night great rescue with hot drinks and food. So make sure to cook something hot and tight to eat. No need to turn the fish in the test! Also don’t forget about the fact that at hand was a change of clothes in case you get wet.

Shoot caught the night trophies. Unfortunately, not every carpatica able to capture the moment of catching carp at night. Here are some tips on how to do it efficiently. Make sure that in the background was some object, Bush or tree. Put the Mat with the fish right in front of the Bush, then instead of the darkness you will have filled in the background. The picture will turn out brighter, as it will illuminate the leaves around you with a trophy.
Most cameras have a built-in flash located just above the lens. This arrangement creates several problems. First, the flash may be too bright to illuminate the side of the fish, which will lead to the loss of detail in the image and spoil the picture, as instead of carp in the photo is white spot. To avoid this, do not place the fish perpendicular to the camera, and a bit of an angle, then the light from the flash whacks to the side. If the flash is very powerful or the light is too sharp, try to dissipate the flow of light through the cigarette paper.
Secondly, the flash is located too close to the lens, causes the formation of red eyes in subjects. Red eyes can be eliminated by editing the image, but to avoid their occurrence and to improve the quality of the pictures taken at night, it is better to use ladders. And for a more uniform lighting, use several light sources.
Where you allow the use of carp sacks, the fish can be left until dawn, but do not forget that the health of the carp caught is always a priority. Don’t keep the fish on the rocks, in hot weather or a long period of time. The bag must be well secured and it is necessary to attach a marker if it will carry over. If you’re not sure, take a picture of the trophy night and immediately release it into the water.

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Let there be light
During night fishing essential is a good headlamp. As anglers do without it? No lamp no fishing — one suffering! Then even simple things become a real challenge, because you don’t see anything. So do not spare money and buy a reliable flashlight.
On the market there are many different models, and not very powerful. Some emit a red light. Quite a useful thing. It turns out that red reducing eye and not so much distorts perception at night as white. On fishing it is important that the lantern was not too bulky and comfortable to wear even lying down on a cot.
It is very practical when the bite finds you while you sleep. If the flashlight under the hand or forehead, it is ready to illuminate your path to success.
A large and powerful flashlight is not always needed, but there are times when it is useful for example if you want to light up the fishing for accurate back casting.
Ensure that without the need not to Shine a flashlight around, especially when there are other fishers, it is unlikely they will like it. Bright light can greatly scare the carp on the hook, so be ready for his desperate jerks, if you turn on the light during a fight.

Don’t forget the lantern!

Fishing and not stay in the tent
Remember: your goal is to catch fish, so don’t be lazy to move when given a good opportunity for this, even if you have just set. It is much better to spend one hour where the carp are biting than 24 where there is no fish even if I have to pull out tent pegs right in the middle of the night. Your efforts will not remain without reward.

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Be prepared if necessary to move to another spot after dark.

Evening session
You don’t have to catch a whole night or sleep the whole time on the shore waiting for the fish to bite carp. Short evening sessions can be very productive, as fish are often aktiviziruyutsya after dark. Especially effective in short sessions on the rivers and canals with clear water, where the fish are very shy.
As soon as it starts to get dark, the carp goes out of their safe zones in search of food and easily fall for the bait. During these hours, try to lift the nozzle from the hook near the shelters, for example near snags. The bite will not keep itself waiting long. But if you quietly and discreetly approach the fishing spot, the result will be even better. Smaller Shine a flashlight and watch your step on the beach.

Channels, ideal for short evening sessions

Catch with a partner
Best night session — in the company of good friends. Teammates and safer and the results above. Help each other, if goes something wrong, just invaluable. And how to make your photos with the night trophy!

Without a partner I wouldn’t be able to cope with this 9-pound handsome, stuck in the reeds.

The author — Oli Davis.


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