Ob. The first pancake is lumpy.

This season I haven’t yet caught from a boat on the Ob, but it’s time.

We decide with Andrey to start the sutra before.

07/11/19. Time to dinner, so not far.

Morning, Ob, few people. Lepot The water is very warm, turbid.

We hollow a jig of perski and snags, a relief and watering. In general, wherever possible.

And only small pike perch bite. Foam rubber, mandala, rubber – the result is the same.

Catch, let go.

It's sad.

We are going to the canal, we decided to look for a pike in the grass and drive a non-goose-hoe.

Pike is, about the size is not very. Unloaded rubber, fluctuated, spinnerbaits. All is one.

Moved to another duct, deeper, with a tightness.

From the riverbed to the jig, there were empty poklevki, but from the coastal edge, right on the grass, Andrey took a couple of kilosheks.

Where is the big one? How many with comrades did not speak, while not very much at all. Will seek.

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