What is the spinning rod to catch trout?

Trout fishing is a thrilling and exciting pastime, I would say, a very different kind of spin angling, with its own characteristics and approach.

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The first time I managed to catch a trophy in the rivers of the Carpathian mountains, and a few years later to upgrade your catch decent copies. When trout fishing knowledge is an important factor, but almost the whole process depends on the correct » Read more

Features carp fishing in the winter and spring

What need bait for carp fishing in the early spring, what to catch carp in the winter?

The process of carp fishing in the spring and winter are very different from each other. If one tactic and bait for fishing in the spring and lead to better results, too, the winter will be completely useless. However, caught a big carp in the winter time of year is a special trophy and a sign of an experienced angler-carpatica.

Features carp fishing in winter

Every kabatnik should be aware that the » Read more

Fishing for carp in the summer

Carp — fish is not exclusively a bottom type of food, because the search for food it is not limited to deep water. It can gather food from the surface. In spring and summer most of the time of day the carp carried out at the surface. Any drifting on water the subject of the carp identifies as potential food. To feed on the surface of the water the koi are much more aggressive than on the bottom. Sometimes carp can swallow frogs, larger roach that fell to the water and small apples.

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