Posting while catching carp

Fishing for carp in the transaction is one of the most productive types of carp fishing. Therefore, fishing in the wiring so beloved by carpaticum. Anglers are lovers not by hearsay know about catching carp in the transaction. This way you can fish both from a boat and from the shore.

Fishing from a boat can bring more trophies than shore as in this case, the fisherman is given complete freedom when choosing a fishing place.

The fishing-tackle for wiring

If fishing in the wiring from the boat, the rod length must not exceed 3 meters. The best rod for this purpose to take the middle order.

Coil with this type of fishing required! It is recommended to put spinning reels of small size, although you can do with an ordinary retractable.

The main line should have a diameter of 0.18-0.2 mm. To it with a carabiner or swivel attaches the leash at 0.12-0.15 mm in diameter. The length of the leash can vary from 15 to 25 centimeters. On it is commonly attached sinker shepherd boy, although this may be superfluous, since it was noticed that the fish bite better on a slow sinking head.

Hook it is advisable to add 5-6 rooms with short forearm and deflected toward the tip, slightly bent inwards.

The float is put spindle bottom mounted. The load capacity depends on the strength of the flow and the depth in the fishing spot.

Sinker is recommended to put a slip in the form of olives. Its weight should adhere strictly to the float. These two components need to be adjusted so that when you touch the fish to the nozzle, the float immediately went under water or floated to the surface.

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Bait for fishing in wiring

An important part of successful fishing in the wiring is bait. Its correct preparation may depend on the outcome of fishing. Every angler has his own recipe for the bait mixture. Someone complicated, someone simple. Here is given a recipe of bait, which is characterized by simplicity and effectiveness in luring fish.

You need to boil two cups of millet porridge, add a Cup of ground dried bread, a Cup of oatmeal, half a Cup of steamed barley, and for flavor add a half Cup of chopped roasted sunflower seeds. Everything should mix well. Bait ready! Was observed that the bait is very active fits bream, who is crazy about the smell of roasted seeds.

Tackle, bait, nozzle

Fishing in the wiring — not a tricky occupation. However, to achieve success it is necessary to know some nuances of fishing. First fish to a lure. For this lowered to the bottom of a feeder for fishing from a boat, filled with a bait mixture.

Next, adjust the height of the float in accordance with the depth and lowered the nozzle to the bottom. It should be noted that fishing in the wiring on the slow and middle reaches the average depth of 3-4 meters.

Nozzle and bait

For fishing in the wiring, you can use almost any attachment, which may be seduced by the peaceful fish. However, it is recommended to use for these purposes the larvae of dung flies that you want to stick the hook several pieces, hooking the skin only. Also as the nozzle is well suited steamed pearl barley or small manure worms, dipped in a solution of anisic drops. Sometimes the wiring in fish and tinned peas. This nozzle is especially fond of IDE, carp, crucian carp.

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