Pre-spawning fishing for pike

Pike can be caught on virtually everywhere and throughout the year, but the best catches can be achieved in the period before its spring spawning. The fish are hungry after hibernation, and besides, she needs the stamina for spawning. This means that the fish shows increased activity hunting for bait fish and other inhabitants of the pond. It would seem, to throw tackle in the water and only manage to pull. But not so simple, from the fisherman needs to know peculiarities of behavior of the predator, its location, types of lures.

Pike goes to spawn

First spawn of young pike, you can tell teenagers. And spawn they have to melt the ice. They were sent to spawn average individuals, and then pike-veterans. Spawning grounds the predator picks up in bays with shallow water at the mouths of rivers and in flood plains. Fish from closed water bodies are sent to spawn on a fortnight later than their river counterparts.

And even in the shallows the water warms up much faster and the larvae grow better and more active, but in the case of drying of water bodies in these places, they are in much more danger.

Where better to hunt for pike

With the onset of the pre-spawning period of pike goes in search of places that are suitable for a comfortable spawning. There are fish fed for several weeks. For successful fishing of pre-spawning pike the anglers try to choose sections of rivers in estuaries, where there is a weak current, and which are first freed of ice. Some time after freeze-up, you can go to rates, inlets and oxbow lakes.

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The toothy predator in the morning stands near the pits or near the edge where the water depth is at least two meters. If the day was Sunny, early in the morning to go fishing makes no sense – before ten in the morning you will not catch it.

The first morning bites mostly occur near the place of lodging, then pike floats closer to the coastal zone. To discover toothy enough to see into the water and find at the entrances to small bays, the accumulation of fry – the predator with the big share of probability will follow.

The greatest activity occurs in the hours of lunch, then fish returns to depth. Good bite will occur in warm, windless days. When there is a sudden change in the weather the bite is weak. Cold fish has almost no effect, only that at such times she did not leave the deep waters.

Options transactions and effective bait

During Jora pike is better caught on small lures. This is because the stomach fish a lot of eggs, and she’s just not physically able to swallow a big bait. That is why the autumn lures will not work, and then going on pre-spawning fish better to bring a small bright lures and silicone baits. Good results show bait acid, or of natural colors, both light and dark, which can be immersed in water of different level of transparency and under any weather.

Acid shades casting into the murky water, to clean, use more natural colors.

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Now a few words about the game lures. If you catch in cold water, then keep in mind that wiring needs to be sluggish as pike has not yet woken up after the winter. The results show good slow sinking and slow, pop-UPS, wobblers, suspender, spoons, various silicones of small size.

After spawning, the pike returns to the usual food, increasing the rate of feeding, culminates in the intensive feeding of fish. At such moments, the predator takes all she will offer, so a good effect is observed from the surface of baits, Creek, and framelock with large petals.

Every fisherman with years of accumulated your Arsenal of effective lures. Consider a few of them.

Blesny rotating

Though these models are actively replaced by cranks, to write off them off yet. The cost of these small baits, and posting at a slow pace is able to protect from thorns, even in the most dangerous places. These lures work better in a slow but steady pace, or playing a little tackle. Quick posting of results will not do because pike is still a little strength.

Soft silicones

Fishing for pike in the pre-spawning period, try to pick up the twisters with wide tails. They show good results at the peak of pike activity. Wiring should be short, by drawing bait along the bottom.

“Passive” lure best used in the days when the activity of the predator is low, and catchability points. Having a tackle on the bottom with podbrozny and choppy.

Crankbaits minow

They give very good results in pre-spawning fishing for pike. Mostly used models with little penetration. When fishing at great depths is better to take the jigs.

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Pay attention to suspender also slowly pop up on the silicone, as using them helps to play with the bait slowly and impressively. A good option transaction will be twitch.

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