Prepare the barley for fishing

Pearl barley in different variants is one of catchability baits. And though manufacturers of fishing compounds and mixtures had not yet engaged in it seriously, but there is no doubt that this product is the future. About the methods of preparing the grain, additional ingredients can significantly improve the catch will be discussed below.

If you go to the pond, watch the fishermen fishing for pearl barley for some time, you will notice that their catch will be different. And why? Because each of them has its own recipe of the nozzle. Some prefer boiled formulations, while others use steamed cereals. Someone adds a natural “odors”, and someone “chemistry”.

Head from pearl barley

About the intricacies of cooking cereal compositions is written on the Internet a lot. There you can learn a whole bunch of recipes. As a rule, the angler is sure of the effectiveness of the only self-prepared composition. We will give some tips from experienced fishermen who can help you to understand the intricacies of the fish in the pearl barley.

Does it make sense.

When cooking barley grits for a long time from the grain starts to separate starch. It was from him porridge and becomes so “interesting”. Not all people like such a mess, but the fish from her, just “bastard”.

If the composition after cooking, rinse, then, of course, slime will evaporate. And to do so is not worth it, especially when you want to use as a nozzle that is boiled grits. If you score the porridge in the trough of the feeder, the sticky slime is also desirable to leave. The adhesive will not allow the mess to disintegrate under the action of water, and it will stay longer in the trough.

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Observed that fish actively respond to fresh cereal, not the grain that has been in the water several times. However, there are those who believe that the washed grains are “working” better.

Softer or firmer. What is barley better

The most important indication that the barley is well cooked, is the reliability of the fastening of the bait on the hook, and the rest… If the fish is not so active, so better to stick to the grain softer. In the case where the nozzle attacks the small things, take the rump more solid.

Do you need salt

Almost all the fishermen in the preparation of this lure add a little salt. And she absolutely will not interfere, but rather will only increase the flavour. Just do not overdo it. However, there are fishermen that don’t use salt out of principle, but the catch is not complaining.

In how long the product can be stored

Many fish love nozzle “tainted”, for example, corn. Pearl barley should definitely be fresh. For its storage, use the fridge and keep there feeding no more than 48-50 hours. After the expiration of the term rump can be attached to the feed mixture, and barley need to cook again. The standard version of porridge based on water, but in the process of cooking, add the milk.

Which is better? Stove or thermos

The nozzle is made from barley in different ways, the main thing is the cooking time of the product. Steaming the mixture in a thermos – the process is not expensive and not long-term. The freshness of cereals – one of the key factors. When buying cereals, always look at their appearance. If you have any doubt, from buying better to abstain.

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To reduce the time of manufacture of groats soaked in water. Keep it should be in bulk containers in the fridge for several days, periodically changing the water. When the croup rises, it can be used raw, but given the long time of soaking, better still, cook porridge.

Additional ingredients

In barley porridge often add various additives. Usually one of them is added prior to cooking, and the other after. But you need to know that properly welded nozzle, additives, in principle, not required. Here are the ingredients you can attach to the mixture before cooking:

  • Little bit of sugar and salt.
  • To impart a fish attracting odor add sunflower seeds.
  • Diluted honey with water.
  • A small amount of food coloring (preferably red or yellow colors).
  • Porridge are cooked together with garlic. This fragrance may work, but maybe not.
  • Hemp seeds join in the cooking process.
  • At the end of the cereal richly flavored, unrefined oil.
  • When the porridge has cooked, you can add:

  • Rye bread mix or dry food fishing. All components are ground, but because the crackers make the composition harder to cook ingredients needed directly at the shore of the pond just before fishing.
  • A few tablespoons of honey.
  • Heart drops type of sage.
  • Sweet fruit concentrates.
  • Anise, vanillic sugar.
  • Crushed cinnamon
  • The attractants. Chemicals should be used with great caution.
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