Principal fishing knots

Every fisherman needs to be able to tie fishing knots. They combine the fishing line with a hook, leash and lure. In the life of any angler happens a situation when after a long lull, the fish finally responded to the bait, but after a long struggle, she jumped. And why? Yes, because, either there is a breakage of the line or untied the knot. It’s a shame really.

To tie knots on the cord should all, without exception, the fishermen, both beginners and with considerable fishing experience. Moreover, there are a wide variety of knots for all kinds of fishing line. And though many of the connection types are identical, but they differ from each other in strength and durability. In the process of setting the snap-ins you must take into account all the nuances, otherwise the fishing line will simply not survive the stress and will rupture.

Tip: buying a fishing line, be sure to pay attention to the sketch, which shows the options for the knot. Thus, later you will be able to secure the tackle.

What to do to increase strength fishing line

It is worth saying that many experienced fishermen have their own tricks and effective techniques to snap for a long time remained strong. Here are a few of them:

  • if you are knitting a leash yourself before posting dip for a few seconds, the line in moderately hot water. The product warms up, and thus will become more elastic – this will make the site maximally strong. If this is not possible, soak the joint with saliva, but it is advisable not to touch the thread about a day;
  • When you are binding gear you must have stock line. It would be better if you will cut it off after full availability of the connection.
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Of mounting options

It is no secret that tying hooks to fishing line – a very complex process for novice anglers. To hone your skills, you should first practice on large models this snap-in.

There are a few simple ways to mount gear that is capable of effectively bonding among themselves, not only hooks, but also leashes, wartlike, and bait. Let’s look at most of them running:

  • Canadian eight perfectly connects the main line with models of hooks with eyelet and spade. The advantage of node is in the strength and reliability of the connection. In addition, this unit is very easily untied if necessary.
  • Krivorogsky knot is a classic fishing connection. Applies only to tying fishing hooks with ears. Connection quickly fit in, but at the same time, it is highly reliable in operation. You can tie as manolescu and braid.
  • Bezuslovnoe mount. This way you can knit multiple hooks. This is very handy when it comes to catching predators on live bait. Fish hooked in the lip with a single hook, and the back another. The method is very reliable, simple, and provides the strength of the snap.
  • The bayonet knot. Also simple, but not universal. Only suitable for mono fishing line. When crochet braids knot will be untied.
  • The method of installation “Clinch” – ideal for attaching braided fishing line with thick hooks. Clockwork ring to tie in this way is not recommended.
  • Some nuances knot

    To acquire the necessary skills to novice fishermen will take many hours of hard workout, and again it is better to take the cord. Take your time and concentrate on the process. Remember that when knitting, on the line there should be no visible gaps, and the node is supposed to be beautiful and reliable. If you have something does not come out, it is better to start all over again and train to get good results.

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    The connection was solid, you need to consider several factors:

    • when twisting the fishing line (cord) heat up quickly, and this leads to their deformation. That is why, be sure to moisten the joints;
    • the cord may have a different cross-section. Usually, the line is flat under heavy load, and the voltage at the junction significantly increases the breaking load;
    • the larger the diameter of the basket, the less it deforms.

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