Recipes based on the vanilla mosquito repellent for fishing

Any person traveling in the summer on the ponds to fish, inevitably faced with the mosquitoes. These insects are the scourge that is hard to escape. In this article we will look at several tools that can protect fishermen at least for some time harassment from these pesky insects.

One of the most proven and effective means is vanilla, however, that its effect was lasting and produced a positive result, the substance you need to use correctly. It is produced in different versions:

  • vanillin confectionary (powder mixture). Be sure to look for the description of the ingredients in the product should not be anything but vanilla. Vanilla sugar should not because it is sweet. The sweetness will create the opposite desired effect — he’s going to lure mosquitoes, not to scare;
  • vanilla sticks. By itself, this product is quite rare in the sale, and is quite expensive. But if you take advantage of this ingredient, the effect can be enormous;
  • vanillic concentrate. This liquid has a strong and distinct smell, and is able to deter flying insects;
  • oil essential. In addition to good protection against mosquitoes, it is very moisturizing.

A few of the popular drugs based on vanilla

Method # 1

To prepare the liquid against mosquitoes, dissolve 1-2 sachets of powder in one glass of water. If you do not have vanilla powder, you can replace the core vanilla pods or a few drops of oil. The resulting composition pour in a bottle of spray and spray on exposed skin as needed.

Method # 2

Several cores of vanilla pods should be placed in a glass of water, the mixture is warmed, pour into a bottle and spray on skin or on clothing. Note that the smell of this repellent is pretty strong, but any harm to the body will bring.

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Method # 3

Vanillic prepare a mixture of two sachets of vanilla and five tablespoons of any (but better neutral cream). Means you should RUB the skin — it will repel insects for a long time. This drug is not afraid of no moisture, no evaporation of the skin.

Method # 4

In perfume or Cologne, add a few drops of vanilla oil. Use this makeup like any other day. This fragrance is capable of long time to deter mosquitoes.

Yes, Yes — it’s comarecordz and tips for using insect repellents

Ointment on the basis of vanilla should be used only in the case when you have no contraindications, for example, allergic reactions. Check this out very simply on a small area of skin, apply the solution and wait a while. If there is no redness, then you can safely use the mixture.

Formulations that have expired can not be applied categorically.

Children under one year of age grease products based on vanilla impossible.

In wind and rainy days make the treatment lotions on the basis of vanillin, and water resources. If there is no expected effect, try mixing a little vanilla. The expiry date of any vanillic means is not more than 30-50 minutes. At the end of this period, repeat the procedure again.

What to do when bitten

  • Mix the sachet of vanilla and a little balm “Asterisk”. This tool will repel insects and will quickly relieve itching.
  • A small child can RUB the yogurt, after adding in dairy product is a little vanilla.
  • Mosquitoes can be carriers of any infection, and the bites of these insects unpleasant. Getting out into the countryside, be sure to protect yourself and your family members from these small pests. The purchase funds generally ineffective, so you should give preference to the people’s compositions. They will cost less and benefit much more.

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