Secrets of fishing on the Colorado potato beetle

But the Colorado potato beetle can be useful. One day, a friend of the fisherman suffered from a long backlava, and decided to impose on the hook for the Colorado potato beetle, and then throw the tackle into the water. Much to his surprise, the experience has brought the result: a fisherman has gone home with a rich catch.

There is no need to describe in detail the worst pest of our fields – the Colorado potato beetle. Nearly every person has its own allotment, and a little acquaintance with agriculture, often found their potatoes are “gifts”.

The worst thing about this is that the potato beetle and its larvae are difficult to destroy, as it does not hunt birds or eat the animals. The only right decision – to score a jar of minke whales and to go with them fishing.

Go for the catch

It should say that the Colorado beetle and its larvae are real delicacies for many riding fishes. Not averse to eat them carp with Chub, IDE, large roach, and even the most common carp.

Very good fishing with these accessories takes place on reservoirs, which are located next to a potato field. After heavy rains the insects washed into the water, and fish eat them together with the fishermen baits.

Reveal some secrets

  • the best fishing occurs when you use float and ground fishing tackles;
  • send the bait in the direction of water flow in the vicinity of the bottom of the reservoir;
  • if fishing takes place on the surface, cling to the hook not the larvae, but the insects;
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Ways of draping

  • Beetle
  • Potato leaf beetle have come off solid striped wings – they’re scaring the fish a bright color. In addition, fish cannot chew and digest the shell. Under them you will see another thin wings. They need to straighten up. The hook is introduced under the head of beetle, and is moving further down the body of the insect. The point of the hook must remain inside the body.

  • Larvae
  • Larvae of Colorado also makes a very decent fishing bait because they attract fish from afar with its bright red (orange) coloring. Fishing in such a nozzle takes place or at a small depth, or in the bottom layers of reservoirs. Good result gives fly fishing with the boat in the Windows of aquatic vegetation.

    Loosely install the insects it is better in several pieces on a single hook (like maggots). The number of suspended instances will depend on the size of the hook.

    To pierce the bait is recommended in the area of the head – so the larva will keep longer “marketable” look. Some fishermen attach larvae “stocking” when doing the puncture at the top and lead stinger hook to the tail of the insect, not bringing it out.

    Pierce the larvae need very carefully, and using a very sharp fishing hook, otherwise they will leak.

    How to preserve bait

    Dial potato beetles their larvae is very easy – you just need to go to a nearby field or garden, but to preserve them a little harder. If you want to the larvae of Colorado beetles for a long time remain fresh, use the capacity with a constant fresh air. At the bottom of the container in this case is lined with potato leaves.

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    As for the store the actual Colorado, place them in a normal PET bottle done with holes in the lid. Tip: put the bait in a cool, well-ventilated place, preferably dark. Direct sunlight will bring Colorado potato beetles irreparable damage.

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