Silver carp fishing – the most effective tackle

Silver carp is called the cleaner of rivers and lakes. He really eats the very same green dregs that drift through the reservoir and pollute the water. With a lack of phytoplankton, he is also not averse to feasting on filamentous algae, eating young shoots of aquatic plants, collecting miniature midges from the surface and even swallowing fry of other fish species. Until recently, silver carp fishing was based on its vegetarian leanings. Bunches of algae, reed leaves, pieces of cucumber, some berries (strawberries, cherries and others) were used. Over the long years of torment with these baits, fishermen have come to the conclusion that catching silver carp with ordinary amateur tackle is not very promising.

It was like that a few years ago, but today everything has changed. New technologies and methods of fishing, taking into account the habits and feeding habits of this fish, complex in all respects, make it possible to catch it very successfully. It turned out that to catch silver carp, it is enough just to create a cloudy cloud in the water, reminiscent of its usual food, and hide the hook in it. Then everything is simple. The fish sees plankton, approaches and begins to filter it, tightening the hook along with the turbidity. For example, float gear for such fishing is quite suitable.

Fishing for silver carp

It should be said right away that the use of the most common float options – fly and match rods – is hampered by several factors. It:

  • Spinning in handfearfulness of silver carp, which does not allow him to come close to the shore;
  • demolition of the rig from the lured place by the current;
  • low accuracy of casting when fishing with a match due to the sail of the line.

Therefore, the best choice for catching silver carp is a plug rod. The plug easily bypasses all the above difficulties: the equipment for catching silver carp is not demolished, the distance is decent, the feeding is very accurate (like casting), you can fish in any horizons.

What does such tackle for silver carp fishing consist of? Since the bighead is a rather strong fish, it is better to take a more powerful rod (a carp “caliber” will do). The line should be strong, from 0.2 mm in diameter, and the leash can be set a little thinner – 0.16-0.18 mm. Some anglers use large barrel floats, mistakenly believing that for large fish this is exactly what is needed. This is fundamentally wrong. The high buoyancy of the float leads to the fact that the fish simply spits out the nozzle, which resists as if tethered. Therefore, the bite alarm should be thin and light, with a carrying capacity of no more than 1 g. It must be loaded so that only the antenna is in the working position above the water. Don’t skimp on hooks.

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Hook checkNowadays, many manufacturers produce rather high quality hooks made of thin wire. It is better not to use a thick hook. To make such a product floatable, you need a large foam ball, while when fishing for a silver carp on a fishing rod, small balls are used that simulate food particles.

The secret to the success of such fishing lies in the components of the bait mixture, which should create a stable cloudy spot. This is achieved using ingredients such as bran, finely ground cornmeal or milk powder. As a base, you can use boiled peas, breading, grated to a powdery state. The bait is delivered to the fishing point with a special bait cup.

In practice, a float rod is rarely used in purposeful fishing for a lobat. It is problematic to catch with fly and match tackle, and the plug is still not widely used in our country. Therefore, most often silver carp is only in by-catch, during carp fishing.

Catching silver carp with bottom tackle

The structure of the donkey rig is simple. On a large spring feeder, 2 or 3 hooks are installed on leashes with a length of at least 20 cm. Leashes are best made from a braided cord, since it has no memory. Diameter – up to 0.12 mm. The hooks are equipped with foam balls. The fish sucks them in together with the rising particles of food and detects itself. To prevent the hooks from getting tangled when casting, it is advisable to insert them into the bait, but not deeply.

Bottom tackle for silver carp
Bottom tackle for silver carp

Fishing on the donku has a couple of serious drawbacks. The main one is a homemade bait with the same components as for float gear. If you make a mistake in proportions, it will not “dust”. True, you can play it safe and add a tablet of the drug “Alka-Seltzer” to each filled trough. Reacted with water, it begins to boil and destroy the mixture from the inside.

Another disadvantage is the fishing horizon. Fatty silver carp rarely sinks to the bottom; it is more attracted by natural food that accumulates in the upper layers.

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Nevertheless, the simplicity and affordability of the bottom gear made it quite popular. Perhaps someone is not satisfied with the catches that she brings, but they are, which in the case of the silver carp is already not bad.

Catching silver carp on technoplankton

Over the past few years, many fishermen have mastered catching silver carp using a special compressed bait – technoplankton. In water, it gradually disintegrates and creates a cloud of turbidity around itself, similar to the natural food of the object of catch. That is, phytoplankton. Outwardly, this groundbait looks like a small barrel with a hole along its entire length, designed to be mounted on a thin rod. You can also buy cheaper crumbly technoplankton in the store, but this is just a “semi-finished product” that you have to press yourself.

Technoplankton fishing equipment
Technoplankton fishing equipment

The use of technoplankton involves long-distance casting and plumbing. The bait is installed on a special rig called a silver carp stick, which the float holds in a given horizon after casting. Typically, the depth ranges from 30 cm to 1 meter. This is the best fishing area.

Technoplankton has a neutral buoyancy. Once in the water, it begins to slowly disintegrate and spread an attractive dregs around itself.

It contains hooks located nearby, one of which will sooner or later be sucked in by the fish.

Tackle in handSince the silver carp stick is a floating rig, fishermen face the question of fixing it in one place. Otherwise, technoplankton will be wasted without any benefit. Some solve the problem by installing a sliding lead over the float, but this arrangement negatively affects the casting distance. Others use a combination of a sliding float bounded by a stopper and a dead weight located at the end of the main line. After casting, the sinker lies on the bottom, and the bite indicator rests against the stopper and raises the rig. With this option, you need to know exactly the depth at the fishing point in order to correctly set the stopper.

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Instead of sticks and technoplankton in the rig, you can use a spring-type feeder and fill it with your own catchy mixtures. It should be borne in mind that the weight of the rig will increase significantly, since home bait is much heavier than technoplankton. It may be necessary to replace the rod (take with a higher test), and also use a float with a larger capacity.

Useful advice

The feeding silver carp usually swims where there are conditions for the development and reproduction of phytoplankton, and these are relatively shallow depths. If the abandoned rig is on the silver carp above the bottomless pit, you can not wait for a bite at all.

Float in handIn order not to catch it at random, the fishermen have come up with a very interesting way to pinpoint its location. It is necessary to quietly approach the water and sharply hit its surface with an oar or stick. The lobat reacts to such a technique instantly: either jumps out of the water, or rushes down, creating a breaker. In any case, he will give himself away. It is in this place that you need to throw the tackle, and the fact that at the moment the object of fishing is not there is not scary. After a while, he will calm down and will definitely return.

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