Slobodskaya rod. Mechanism. The pros and cons

What to catch a fish, it must correctly and on time hooking, which requires good reactions and alertness. To help the fishermen and was invented Slobodskaya rod. This mechanism has its supporters and opponents, but no one can deny its effectiveness.

Features Slobodskaya mechanisms

The skill of the fisherman is to the right definition of the moment of hooking the fish. This should not prevent neither the blinding sun, no night, and no other circumstances.

From experience many users have been withdrawn, under any circumstances, it is advisable to use Slobodskaya mechanisms:

  • lack of fishing experience;
  • use several rods;
  • fishing is not your main objective. For example, you came on holiday with the family and just threw the gear in the water, not watching them.
  • fishing predators and peaceful fishes occurs at different fishing device;

In many cases Slobodskoye the mechanism is mounted on a donkey, as a hook with a coil there is a direct interface. In some cases, the device can be used for fishing on the float rod, but in this case it is necessary to constantly monitor the tension of the line. Float gear there are other options automatic sweeps trophy. The spinning avtotsenter is not installed, since he’s inappropriate.

The object of Slobodskaya fishing rod in most cases is a medium size fish. Big fish is likely to break the automatic tooling and the small things just not strong enough to rip the top handle. Peaceful fish are best to catch Slobodskaya tackle in the spring and summer when they are more aggressive, and actively pounce on the bait. Predators can be hunted year-round.

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How does the mechanism

The device exhibited a certain value of the tension of the line. When the object of fishing swims up to the bait and swallows it, the main fishing line is stretched, the resulting force is transferred to the special bracket, and it comes out of the gear bracket. Spring dramatically straightens, and is Samovodska fish on the hook.

Typically, the preload force of the fishing line is exposed so that the rope reacted to small fish, but at the same time, it should not be influenced by natural factors (rain, wind, etc).

Making homemade arrangements

Most devices made by the fishermen themselves at home are the principle of a mousetrap. When you make a bite fishing line is pulled, it slightly moves the bracket attached to an elastic band the lever is released, and is cutting. The device must be reliably strengthened on the waterfront to prevent it from accidental turning or displacement.

The pros and cons Slobodskaya rods

The undoubted benefits of these mechanisms include the following:

  • The device is universal. They can be used both on open water and winter. Designed for fishing a variety of fish.
  • It is possible to use the failed rods.
  • No need to constantly be next to tackle is the mechanism runs for the fisherman all the work.
  • You can make the tackle yourself.
  • The rod is light and convenient for transportation.
  • The mechanism can handle, even for inexperienced anglers.
  • The disadvantages are as follows:

  • You can’t put stress on the response of each individual species of fish. If the setting is subtle, meant for small fish, then the mechanism will operate even from the waves or from the wind. When placing the reaction medium fish, the device will not respond to a fish of a smaller size.
  • If the tackle factory, we have to rely on settings that are exposed by the manufacturer. If they don’t satisfy you, then change them can be very difficult, and sometimes impossible.
  • Such a fishing rod designed for fish with a strong bite, and lips they must be strong, otherwise the gathering.
  • Some fish need to draw out more slowly than others, to ensure that they are not hidden in a driftwood or vegetation. Antopolskaya rod is not always cope with this task, as its force is calculated on the averages of the bite.
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    Tip: before you start fishing you need to properly configure your gear to the bite was effective. When using plant design carefully follow the instruction of the manufacturer. If you are using a hand-collected a tackle, then proceed with the setting by their own rules.

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