Spinning reel baitcasting

On the basis of unit coils multipliers — the same inertial spinning reels, but modified, they embody all the innovations and improvements possible to imagine. On the complexity of the device multipliers can be judged by their weight. The most complex of them sometimes weigh over one kilogram. Taking into account the manufacturing of ultra-light alloys! True, the line on this reel holds up to five hundred meters.

How many models of multipliers, obviously, no one knows. And every year there are dozens of new models. In the design of modern models, using the most advanced aerospace technology and development. The price of such goods is comparable with the cost of cheap car, and a description of the opportunities and advantages of new products occupies the whole volume. And sometimes it seems that the developers of gear there is no more important task than the creation of absolutely perfect coil. Description of the device multiplier to at least the middle class — it is long and complicated, so very complicated this mechanism. Why limit ourselves to the consideration of the structural features of the easy VAPE coil.

From the usual inertial spinning baitcasting reel is different, at least two fundamental characteristics: the presence of automatic motorlaivas drum and a special reducer that allows for the PREROLL to increase the speed of rotation of the spool. Based on the design of motorlaivas is the principle of a centrifugal brake. The brake mechanism is arranged in such a way that the braking force depends on the weight of the lure, and the amount of fishing line on the spool and from the initial acceleration, i.e., the strength of the casting.

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The slower flying abandoned bait and the slower the drum rotates, the weaker the friction between the rods and end cap of the spool. Modern multiples is a precision self-regulating devices, and control of braking which occurs automatically and without compromising casting distance. The effectiveness of the braking device is high, by using multiplier with the diameter of the spool of the reel of 3-6 cm is possible to make casting a lure at 100-150 m. thus almost completely eliminates the tangling of fishing line!

The small diameter of the spool is not a hindrance, and when playing a fish. Thanks to gear transmission systems of various complexity for one revolution of the handle the drum can make from 2 to 7 full turns. Is the ratio of turns of the knob to the rpm of the drum is called the gear ratio. Optimum reduction ratio in the range of 1/4,5 — 1/6. Sometimes, under certain conditions, more advantageous low gear ratio, for example, when hunting very large sea fish, when needed the win to force, of course, at the expense of loss in speed. In addition to the above, multipliers have at least a dozen other systems, as well as adjustments for fine tuning and control. Interesting models with built-in LCD screens which displays the information about the casting distance, the amount of fishing line on the spool, and much more, until the coordinates of the place of residence of the angler.

Usually animated reels used for sea fishing, and quite often structural “excesses” are very helpful.

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