Spoons Williams for Chub and perch

I prey on the Chub and ASP with artificial baits for more than twenty years. In the late nineties in the box with the baits was mostly crankbaits. Sometimes met with spinners: Myran different models, Daiwa Silver Creek, Panther Martin — we used them for very long casts or fishing up stream. When it was required to sh in a deep hole or steep side of the river opposite the point of the cast, had to pick up a “chopper” who knows how to seduce a predator in the fall, rotating the petal when submerged. One of the first efficient vibrating lures, which I saw at friends, was Wob-I-Rite — compact bait of thick metal. But spoons at a time is not caught, they are almost sold, and we treated wobblers. They liked it all: beauty, action game, even on long leave down a powerful bite.

At the end of last — beginning of this century, Chub and ASP in the rivers was more rarely some fishing ended without the capture of individuals more kilos. Now other times: fish less, it is much smaller, be careful. A huge number of modern gear. To catch fish, you have to adapt to new conditions.

The spinning, becoming mostly proven lures, and they can understand why to invent something, to replenish the Arsenal of new vibrating lures when there are models that nice catch. However, ichthyologists have definitely found that in fish there is a habituation effect to baits, flashing before my eyes. And still have the opportunity to transfer to other individuals information about the danger that comes from these baits. Of course, active predator can be caught on almost any bait, but, fortunately, it in the pond a little bit, because otherwise the fish would not stay. When fishing passive opponent need a new, realistic lure.

Perch in the Uglich reservoir

About the company products Williams I used to know. I do not remember how in my box of lures were the first baubles of this manufacturer. She had pronounced the game on a uniform wiring, this game clearly passed the tip of the jig rods with the test to oz, absolutely not intended for fishing on such a delicate bait. First set Williams when fishing from a boat on the Uglich reservoir. Our vessel stood among the others on the perimeter of the huge perches “pot” in the middle of which flew a huge variety of lures, from small silicone to the lures and spinning lures. Perch is clearly mocked by the fishermen, so often.

The tigers surrounded and forced to the surface a myriad of veriplace and stuffed it himself stomachs. With this amount of food, in which swam a perch, their negative reaction to all sorts of fishing faux was clear. Many anglers didn’t have a single bite, and, desperate to catch anything, they started the engines and left. I also tried almost all lures that were in my box — it came to Williams. To first cast this spinner perch walked my lure to the boat, and then went into the depths. But silver Williams fell into the water near the boat (bait with a mass of about 2 g will never be a champion for long casts).

First, near the crash site formed a whirlpool and then followed by a crisp bite and heard the squeal of the clutch. The first bass took the lure deep and greedily, and the fish was clearly larger than those of “sailor”, which I saw in the water. Other anglers have shown great interest to capture: all, as if on cue, turned their heads in my direction. The second transaction brought another good perch, and the third one. Many started throwing their bait into the side of my boat, but the bites they have this no more. When I caught the next fish, one of the fishermen could not resist and asked: “what?” I showed him a small silver Vlasenko Williams.

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For such a good bait, like a spinner Williams, the main thing — not to interfere with her really “play” in the water, then she’ll do it myself.

Seminar in Chernozem

In the framework of the project “Chub Plus”, aimed at training the lobes of catching fish this summer on one of the rivers of the Central Chernozem region was held a seminar. To participate in it gathered nearly two dozen very strong “galavetdinov”. The anglers fished “boat”, took pictures of the fish and quickly released them to their native element. Then came in the base camp and shared their experience, talked about baits, rods, methods, transactions and tactics. When the turn reached me, I showed on the screen of the camera caught his first fish — about a dozen chubs of different sizes. Immediately the questions started about the bait that they were caught. I replied that all the Chub was tempted oscillating spinner Williams. Looked at me with surprise, because these lures no chubs no catches, almost all offered “white” fish miniature spoons from Japan. Logical question was: how can such an easy lure to throw? Even more, the seminar participants were amazed when I said I caught all the fish from a high cliff!

Actually there is nothing surprising here. Before fishing I have carefully examined the river and found that the size of fry, who is unable to hunt predators, not exceed 3-4 see Then I spent Williams weighing 2 g in the river, at his feet, sufficiently strong jet, and realized that as such transaction is not required; bait behaves on the for extremely realistic, like a real small fish. Moreover, when injected into the streams of different speeds Williams instantly goes in the direction of the trajectory not falling in the rotation, and the attractive and lively playing confidently and keeping the horizon.

The bait, in spite of the small mass that makes the top! It has become clear that this is the case, when during fishing is important not to interfere with the spoon, to give her maximum freedom of movement. In such circumstances, the most effective posting from when baubles floated downstream with a small priderzhki.

Only at the very edge of the river chubs refused to attack Williams: the figure of a fisherman standing on the shore, too stood out against the background. So I decided to try to catch a cliff. The drawbacks of such a solution are obvious.

  • First, a large amount of cord in the air, especially when wind pulls the bait in the upper water layers.
  • Secondly, every catch has to run down, to pull the fish free from the hook and release.

But drawbacks compensated by my invisibility, and an overview of the entire profile of the river. I threw bait in the shallow-water plateau and gave them freely to raft downstream at depth. After the spoons went into depth, I abruptly gave the cord forward, dropping spinning down. The lure of playing in the fall, left in the deeper layers. So was caught the first fish and found the right tactics for fishing in these places. After the capture of a few fish I gave the land to rest and went for a while down by the river. Then back again and pulled out a few individuals more.

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About a silver color and the Shine of spoons

Many anglers think baits for catching cautious fish in the clear water must be painted in matte black color. Certainly this view is backed up by a lot of practice and a huge number of caught fish. But most of my fishing I fishing for Chub and ASP on lures with original lacquer, and very successfully. Spinners usually have a surface with a strong reflecting ability. When posting, well seen under the water diverge reflected from lure the sun’s rays. In my opinion, it is the glitter of the lures attracts active predators from a great distance, a Shine and have a bleak, veriplace.

My advice: try silver lures — like spinners and crankbaits. In addition, I also bought the Golden Williams. Alternating gold and silver, you can achieve very impressive results, adjusting to the pre – respect the fish at different times of day and under the lighting at the time of fishing.

Less to injure the fish, we equipped the beardless Williams single hooks. The game spinner has not changed, which speaks about its higher class.

Fishing for Chub in the heat in shallow water

I was counting on this trip for Chub, ASP and IDE. I knew exactly what was in the river, which I’m going in August, a lot of this fish. If you are going to catch trophy fish, I’m not particularly malkil when choosing baits — basically my box was filled with large crank and minnow long 60-70 mm. But I did not realize an unusually strong heat: even at night the thermometer column did not fall below +25 °C, and in the afternoon in the shade of the device showed more than +35 °C. Already in the first hours of fishing showed low fish activity on the typical Parking places. Predators for the most part but was beaten on the lures; the percentage of sasakamoose and implementation of the bites were extremely low. About five bites accounted for one fish caught. We climbed on the boat at 20 miles and fished alloy, acrilici in the best places to snag the shallows, among the rubble of logs, on the edges of deep suvada. No fish, our rare catch for these places is just nothing. The water was flying the best, always trouble-free crank and minnow, but the fish didn’t pay any attention to them. And perhaps because of the heat the fish rolled downstream to deeper places.

We fished in the early morning, at dusk and at night. The result has not changed, only repeatedly increased chance of crashing when driving on the boat in a good snag, and that happened several times. Such torment lasted a few days, and finally I decided to radically change and to try to put a small oscillating spinners. Fortunately, the box with Williams were with him. I chose the easiest of the entire Arsenal, combined with a spinning and began to catch. From the first transaction followed by bite! First attacked a medium-sized Chub, but soon there were enough decent fish, apparently attracted by the noise.

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Fishing tactics were the same as during the seminar in the earth: I pulled out a few individuals and then gave the place to relax. In the end, on a small stretch of road with almost flat sandy bottom in the first few hours I caught a dozen Chub that the General background was very cool. Less to injure the fish, I took off my tee and put beardless dynamic. I was wondering, will the game Williams then. Usually such experiments light spinner carry bad: the tee is a kind of stabilizer, do not allow them to go into a tailspin on the failures of the jets or by increasing the speed of the transaction. But even with a single hook at Williams was steady work.

Mega Strike when fishing for Chub

I heard from some anglers that fragrant paste Mega Strike is able to attract the fish and to significantly increase the effectiveness of fishing. But it was jig fishing for deep predator — the pike and perch: soak the foam composition of the fish or put it on the silicone. And here is my favorite Chub, “hard bait” and the depth of the knee. But I decided to try and took to fishing flavor Mega Strike with the smell of shrimp. After being caught several fish have put on some paste on the vibrating spoon. Started to catch. Of course, it’s more of a subjective opinion, but the bites became more confident and sharp, aggressive. Another observation: apparently, Mega Strike creates in the water an odorous trail to attract fish and keeps it in the zone of fishing. I will experiment further in this direction, the results will tell.

Universal Williams

When watching the game Williams, I drew attention to the very fine-tuning of these lightweight lures. Small perturbation of a spinning tip significantly alters the trajectory of the posting bait, it sharply away from the line wiring, and therefore, Williams is actually possible to apply a light twitching. The pause is also desirable to give a part of the cord, and drastically tilt the spinning forward lure is very realistic plays in the fall, as a wounded fry sinks to the bottom. Alternating uniform wiring with stops, pauses, outputs cord we can achieve a combination of the game, before which none of the passive predator will not be able to resist. And given the ability of the spinner to “crumble” in the fall, it is possible for her to catch and in a plumb. This bait is irresistible on those occasions when the bass goes when posting under the boat, when caught walleye alloy or in the winter when the predator is kept under ice in shallow water. The range of Williams, there are models of different sizes. Try and experiment! These lures will bring you a lot of positive emotions from fishing!

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