Successful fishing for catfish from a boat

Progressas in the water after the ice melts, the fish noticeably aktiviziruyutsya, and som is no exception. In the spring when the fish are still not active, fishing for catfish from the boat very important. Still not active enough catfish out of their simovich nm in average water column of deep pools and backwaters, dotted with snags where the water temperature is always slightly higher than in the main course. To such places without boats can get quite difficult, this is where the boat is.

Choosing a boat

Choice boats for fishing for catfish largely depends on how you plan to fish. The metal boat will be the best choice for catching catfish is at least one, at least for a small company of two or three people. She is strong, she is not afraid of damaging the hooks or sharp fins of the fish, also she is not afraid of knots underwater snags. But this boat has one drawback, it makes a lot of noise when docking with anything. To address this deficiency, experienced soratniki in advance sheathe the metal frame of the boat with foam or thick pieces of rubber. This significantly reduces the sound conductivity and practically does not spook the fish.

Fishing technique

Usually fishermen on a big fish do not go alone. As a rule, the boat is two people, one at the oars, and the second monitors the depth. You can do this with sonar, or with special tooling. All you need to do very quietly, because you can spook the fish even when the bite. If this happened, it is better to change the place of loosing not only time, but also, perhaps, the success of the entire venture.

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Snap-on catfish boat

Tackle for catching catfish from a boat is quite varied:

  • Kwok;
  • spinning;
  • tackle.
  • Kwok ─ device for catching catfish, which attracts this predator-specific acoustic signals. By way of response, a catfish swims directly to the boat, where it waits for the bait with the hook.

    Spinning catfish can be fished in two ways ─ by trolling and casting. When both methods are used silicone lures or fish with Jigalova. It brings calm fishing for catfish some flavor.

    Bottom fishing is the most efficient, it was used by our grandfathers. It is quite simple: it consists of sturdy nylon cord with a sliding weight and a hook. All this is stored on the reel, and can be used from a boat and from the shore.

    The fishing-rod for catching catfish from a boat more suitable plug, with a test 100-600 g, long up to three meters, otherwise the fish will be hard to draw out when you bite. Coil it is better to choose a powerful spinning or baitcasting with metal housing. But the bait when fishing from a boat is quite diverse. Mostly catfish prefer natural animal heads, such as meat, fish, frogs, entrails of a bird, the liver in particular. But artificial bait large size will also attract the attention of the predator, they are used mainly when spinningovye.

    Sometimes successfully catch catfish and is very primitive tooling: thick fishing line or cord tied to a major tee and sinker and just lower and raise the gear, awaiting the approach of the soma. Everything is just kept in hand, without any reel or reels.

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    When fishing for catfish you should not rush things, even if the bite should not immediately begin to draw out fish. Soma let out, make him lose a lot of force and then vyvazhivat.

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