Tackle for catching crucian carp – rating of the best

Crucian carp is the most common and unpretentious inhabitant of our reservoirs. It is from him that the boys begin to get acquainted with the intricacies of fishing. But this does not mean that it is of interest only to beginner amateur anglers.

Seasoned fishermen will also not refuse to catch several weighty beauties, especially in hot summer, when other species refuse to bite at all. For such fishing, you do not need any tricky tackle for catching crucian carp, just take an ordinary float rod, a little porridge, dig up worms and go to the nearest lake. Well, if in the arsenal there is a donkey with a feeder, then the catch is guaranteed one hundred percent. The main thing is that the weather does not disappoint.

By the way, contrary to the stable stereotype, many manage to successfully catch crucians even in winter, and in quite legal ways. Practice has shown that in winter they do not sleep always and everywhere. So what are the “tools” to go on a crucian carp fishing?

Fishing rod with float

Float tackle has always been and remains popular in fishing for crucian carp from the shore and from a boat. You can’t think of a simpler device. It consists of the following elements: rod, main line, float, lead, lead and hook.

Fishing rod on the lakeIf you need to continue casting the bait, then you will need a rod with guides and a reel that allows you to make some supply of line. Although it is better to use the usual flywheel version without any additional elements from 5 meters long. Such a rod is lighter and more convenient to use.

Depending on appetite, mood, weather conditions and other factors, the crucian carp can greedily grab the nozzle or look closely at it for a long time, and then gently try it. Therefore, it is advisable to abandon the overall barrel-shaped floats and give preference to an elongated product with a thin antenna and attachment in the lower part. Such a signaling device will perform its function even if the bait is gently touched. Floats for catching crucian carp have different weights.

It is important to properly load the float, otherwise it will go unnecessarily into the water or stand not vertically, but at an angle.

The rest of the equipment: the leash and the hook are selected according to the size of the fish.

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Fishing for crucian carp with a float rod gives you the opportunity to use a variety of baits, animals and plants. In cold weather, crucian carp takes better on worms and maggots, and in the middle of the season prefers dough, semolina, pearl barley, bread crumb, all kinds of mastic.

Fishing for crucian carp on a float / Summer 2016


A donka with a feeder is already a more serious weapon that allows you to catch large individuals that are stationed far from the coast. With high activity of fish, feeder tackle for catching crucian carp brings excellent catches, but only if it is correctly selected, well tuned and adjusted. For example, some beginners try to throw a heavy feeder with the first spinning rod in the store. Unfortunately, it turns out to be ultralight, so it doesn’t “live” for long. The result of these attempts is a broken tip and wasted money. To avoid such a loss, when buying, you should pay attention to the rod test.

Feeder on the riverFishing for crucian carp with a feeder in stagnant water – ponds and small lakes requires a feeder rod with a test of up to 60 g, and for a river and a reservoir this parameter should be twice as much. Appropriate feeders are used, always taking into account the weight of the bait. As for the installation, there are no restrictions. Paternoster, asymmetric loop, inline, rig with anti-twist tube, with additional leashes … everything works.

The taste preferences of crucian carp are constantly changing, therefore, in addition to bait and bait, you need to take several different flavors and select an effective smell experimentally.

Most of all he likes garlic, vanilla, anise, dill and honey. Unfortunately, feeder tackle involves long-distance casting, carried out by a sharp swing of the rod, in which plant nozzles often fly off the hook. If pearl barley and corn do not hold, you will have to fish exclusively on livestock.

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Crucian carp killer or spring fishing

This equipment, popular today, is an excellent alternative to the classic feeder feeders. Its design is very simple: on a piece of braided thread, a sinker, three miniature springs with hooks on short leashes and a swivel with a fastener connecting the rig to the main line are located in one row.

The tackle for catching crucian carp more than lives up to its name. No, she doesn’t hit fish on the spot, but she catches perfectly. At the same time, it is not at all necessary for the angler to closely monitor the tip in order to make the hooking in time. The crucian carp is spotted itself, which will immediately be signaled by a bell. When this happens, all that remains is to pull it ashore.

The crucian carp killer also has other advantages. Namely:

  • Bottom tacklethe presence of three hooks allows you to use different attachments at the same time;
  • the bait is close to the spring filled with food, so the fish finds it faster;
  • you can catch on foam balls that the object of catching sucks along with the food;
  • the tackle is suitable for fishing in any body of water (a heavier sinker is used during the course).

The only drawback is the frequent twisting of the springs and tangling of the hooks.


According to the principle of operation, this catchy tackle is similar to the previous one, only a piece of compressed sunflower cake plays the role of a feeder in it. Of course, it has nothing to do with sport fishing, but this stops few people. Still, after all, the top is a guarantee of a good catch, especially when it comes to catching crucian carp on a donk.

Fishing on topIt works as follows. The cube is attached to the weight in the form of a plate (washer, horseshoe) using rubber bands or a self-tightening knot. Holes are drilled along the perimeter of the sinker for leashes (usually there are four of them), so the hooks are in close proximity. They all hide in the cake. After casting, it will begin to slowly soak and spread an attractive scent suitable for fish. She will suck on the top and will certainly pull in one of the hooks.

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Makushatnik has been known since time immemorial, but disputes regarding it have not stopped to this day. Some fishermen consider this method of fishing acceptable, while others are categorically against it. The reason is the injuries that the fish receive. There is no point in letting her go.


A donka with a rubber shock absorber is familiar to every fisherman from childhood, so we will not delve into its design features. It is difficult to imagine how many crucians this ageless tackle has caught during its existence.

ElasticFishing for crucian carp with a rubber band remains relevant even today, when fishing shops are crammed with a mass of different cunning devices for fishing. It happens that you get worn out with these spinning rods, you spit on everything and again you catch on the good old rubber band. What is the secret of its relevance?

The rubber band will never go down in history, because it is a very effective catching tackle for catching crucian carp. Sometimes she works wonders, delivering two, three or more fish to the shore at once. Compared to other fishing methods, such a donkey has many advantages. It:

  • noiselessness of the process;
  • the ability to re-equip the hooks without pulling the tackle out of the water;
  • return of the nozzle to the same point;
  • excellent shock absorption, eliminating breakage in the event of a large specimen hitting;
  • availability (all components cost a penny).

Only an unsuccessful casting can spoil such a fishing. Here you need certain skills, without them you can greatly confuse the fishing line. But if it turned out, then all that remains is to enjoy fishing, extracting silver carp from the reservoir one by one.

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