Spinning reel baitcasting

On the basis of unit coils multipliers — the same inertial spinning reels, but modified, they embody all the innovations and improvements possible to imagine. On the complexity of the device multipliers can be judged by their weight. The most complex of them sometimes weigh over one kilogram. Taking into account the manufacturing of ultra-light alloys! True, the line on this reel holds up to five hundred meters.

How many models of multipliers, obviously, no one knows. And every year » Read more

How to choose a baitcasting reel

Many of us selection of the gear under certain conditions seems to be a matter of subjectivity. Indeed, one or another angler feels the passion for specific types of rods, lengths. Often in this selection affects the available many a weakness for brands. That, of course, this “subjectivism” only adds to it.

But there is advice and an objective component. It is primarily that under certain conditions, be an important specific characteristics of the coil. And you need to choose among models » Read more