Barley with garlic is a very effective nozzle!

To use as a nozzle on a hook can be a variety of products, but one of the most efficient of them is a mix of the previous heat treatment of the barley with garlic. Catch it almost all peaceful fish. Many Kapferer use pearl barley as a bait and nozzles for carp.

Why the need for barley

Pearl barley has a vegetable origin, and it means that you can use it better in the summer when the water is warm enough. It is noticed that this head works best in the heat. During these periods the carp are » Read more

Prepare the barley for fishing

Pearl barley in different variants is one of catchability baits. And though manufacturers of fishing compounds and mixtures had not yet engaged in it seriously, but there is no doubt that this product is the future. About the methods of preparing the grain, additional ingredients can significantly improve the catch will be discussed below.

If you go to the pond, watch the fishermen fishing for pearl barley for some time, you will notice that their catch will be different. And why? Because » Read more