Catch carp the old-fashioned method — “on the hanger”

How far stepped progress literally every day are developed and implemented innovative technologies related to different spheres of life. So did the innovations and the scope of fishing. More and more anglers use them, but let’s think about the antiquated methods of the invention and used for centuries. Maybe they are also quite effective, and has not lost its relevance today?

For example, you are going to go to the pond to catch some carp or carp. Why don’t you use the old method of fishing » Read more

Catch on a jig head

So, what is a jig head is a lead sinker with a hook and fishing lure for fishing, with both wired and vertical method of fishing a predatory fish . Often referred to as the jig and jigger. The name of the jig head, or a simple jig, obtained from the same name of the dance. Probably because the lure is also capable as a dancer to perform their functions. Angler jig saw head in first, you will think that this is a big jig. How to catch on a jig head? Catching in a plumb — this » Read more

How to catch perch

Blockhead – the name of the lure suitable for fishing in winter and summer. This bait is used mostly for winter fishing for perch. Catch walleye, white fish catch the bait blockhead small sizes. The dummy consists of a body, two hooks and loops of fishing line. On the hook wear an infusion – end sleeves, beads. The body is made of hexagon bar or rod of brass, or tungsten. Tackle should be balanced – hooks must be suitable in size to the body of the lure. If you take large hooks, the game » Read more

Carp in the spring. When, where and what to catch carp

The many negative reviews about fishing for carp in the spring, perplexed. Because at this time there is a chance to admire the rather large specimens, to demonstrate proficiency and confirm the proud title of fisherman.

But what about passion? After all, the whole point is the ability to find a way to catch the most elusive. Some fans, generally follow the principle “catch interesting when others despaired of”.

But, despite the contradictory opinion, for those who want to compete » Read more

And that summer to catch bream, crucian, carp and roach?

Fishing, it is for everyone. One likes to sit on the money for a folding high chair throwing a fishing rod into the pond and peacefully admiring the play of water, given to philosophical thoughts. For another, fishing is a real hunting, passion, competition for the biggest catch. But those and other, ready for fishing, needs to know what kind of fish what kind of bait will bite and what it is actually catching.

The most important thing to start with the purpose of production, this will » Read more

How to catch bream in the winter

Winter fishing for bream is different from the summer a more sophisticated way of fishing, and the choice of gear should be treated more carefully. First we need to know how to catch bream in the winter, and then to prepare for it. Winter makes big bream to be in deep water areas. Broke they come out for food, that’s where they were much easier to catch. Fishing for bream in winter, the bait you prepare at home. It consists of a combined cereal and dry food with the » Read more

Places where you can catch sturgeon

Since time immemorial people used to catch the sturgeon, because it was and still is considered a delicious fish from those that live in the Russian waters. Czeczuga (as it is called by some fishermen), there is one unique quality — her body has no parasites. This is what makes the fish from the detachment sturgeon coveted trophy.

Habitat sturgeon

Basically, the fish found in middle and Northern latitudes. Though the sturgeon and sea fish, but to spawn, she swims in the rivers that » Read more

What is a water filled float, and how to catch such tackle

More and more people seek to escape from the hustle and bustle and sit with a fishing rod on the nature. And as the population’s interest in fishing increases, manufacturers of fishing products supply markets for the latest items of tackle and accessories. One such innovation is water-filled float (the ball).

What is this water-filled float

The device, called a water filled float, or ball, intended for delivery to the place of fishing lures of various mild. Ball diameter 3.0-3.5 cm consists » Read more

Is it possible to catch a fish on cheese

Did you know that fish can be caught not only on the traditional bait, but cheese? Many fishermen claim that it is well caught barbel, you can catch carp and carp. Solid varieties of fish chubs, and cheese “take” of acne and Linkov. Next, we consider what types of cheese you can use any fish you catch on this bait, and the most used methods of mounting the bait.

Cheese consistency

Cheese is found today almost everywhere: even on the shelves of the worst of a country store. That’s just to buy » Read more

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