Floats for fish and the proper choice of float

That means proper selection of the float and generally what are floats for fishing gear with rods. The float is probably the main fishing accessory, adorning the covers of most fishing magazines. Therefore, selection of floats you need in all seriousness, not sparing any time for the selection of great quality sporting goods. If you grab the first float, you then have to wonder why not caught a fish, or make recommendations on the selection and then enjoy the catch, make a choice that best… » Read more

The choice reels spinning

Coil selection is no easy task, especially when there are plenty to choose from. Therefore, acquiring a spinning reel, anglers subconsciously making it easier to be guided by either habit or prejudice towards a particular type of device. Often the deciding factor is the price of the product. Someone prefers expensive coils, and someone- the cheapest models. But this approach is not always justified and rational. High cost does not necessarily indicate high quality. Most of the additional » Read more