Donka with the tube. The technique of fishing

What tackle do not catch our fishermen. Many folk of the invention often primitive appearance, but no less efficient. That ground rod with tube belongs to them. Tackle this from different fishermen called different: some call this Donk harvester, other satellite, a bomb, well, the rest — smanjenom.

The stories of old fishermen Soviet “school” this tackle was something of a precursor feeder. In short, lightweight version of the “gear-tube” is the conventional plastic tube from the “PET” » Read more

Donka carp. Benefits. Snap. Secrets

Carp is a serious fish. To catch you need to make some effort. Professionals-carpatica have in their Arsenal a lot of tackles, but tackle without any doubt the most popular. It is easy to use and reliable, as evidenced by the experience of many users.

The advantages of bottom gear

Let’s look at some positive sides of these gear:

  • feeders can be used on almost any water bodies with different depths;
  • fish fish is easier and faster;
  • you can lure fish to the fishing spot bait » Read more