Barley with garlic is a very effective nozzle!

To use as a nozzle on a hook can be a variety of products, but one of the most efficient of them is a mix of the previous heat treatment of the barley with garlic. Catch it almost all peaceful fish. Many Kapferer use pearl barley as a bait and nozzles for carp.

Why the need for barley

Pearl barley has a vegetable origin, and it means that you can use it better in the summer when the water is warm enough. It is noticed that this head works best in the heat. During these periods the carp are » Read more

Bread and sour curd is an effective bait for catching tench

Ling fish is very cautious and catch it can be very difficult. She’s scared and the slightest foreign sound, and Mature individuals prefer to swim alone. These circumstances significantly complicate the fishing line, and though they are omnivorous, but catch them without prior feeding locations is simply unrealistic. After a study of feed compositions can talk about lures, and ways of hooking the right fish fish.

What bait is better: purchased or homemade

To Lin well pecked, it is » Read more

Effective bait for carp

Carp — fish are pretty lazy, which does not actively move through the waters in search of food. To fishing brought good results, fishing, have a good feed. If carp will be attracted to the smell and taste components bait it will be a long time is in the target point, giving you a good bite.

The components of lure depending on the season

Depending on the time of year, the fish change their behavior and dietary habits. It is necessary to consider, in the preparation of bait » Read more