Winter blesnenii “A-Elita” the best of all

There are different schools winter blesneniya and the corresponding tackle. It so happened that I started to practice fishing blesneniem, with a simple inertial reels. In the lung “okuniew” version of the coil is usually with the spinning one. These rods are a bit heavier than “deaf” besnilian, but allow you to quickly change the working descent for harvest throughout the water column that fishing for perch is very important. With the bite of a large predator (walleye or pike) you can quickly » Read more

Zherlitsa A-elita is visible from afar

Imitation fish A-elita won the sympathy of many fans of this type of hunting predatory fish. Imitation fish company “Apiko-fish” in recent years, were able to appreciate the thousands of fans of catching of predators tackle this. Lightweight and compact set of six Gerlich does not occupy much space in the equipment of the angler and placed in the box along with other gear. Platform imitation fish allows it to be installed in all weather conditions, obscuring the hole and allowing to fill it » Read more