Features fishing in March

March is the first month in which there is activation of a bite. Features fishing this time of year, who and what to catch?

This happy for all fishermen almost all species of fish become much more active, the ice is thin, there are thawed and open water areas where it is successfully possible to catch as spinning, and on the float rod. Where possible fishing ground, are less common. In March comes a noticeable increase in daylight and is raising the temperatures.

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Features carp fishing in the winter and spring

What need bait for carp fishing in the early spring, what to catch carp in the winter?

The process of carp fishing in the spring and winter are very different from each other. If one tactic and bait for fishing in the spring and lead to better results, too, the winter will be completely useless. However, caught a big carp in the winter time of year is a special trophy and a sign of an experienced angler-carpatica.

Features carp fishing in winter

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