Burmatov interceded for the Baikal seals

photo: Fotolia.com

photo: Fotolia.com

In the spring of 2019, the initiative of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation to change the standards of harmful effects on the ecosystem of Lake Baikal was discussed.

It was planned to make changes to the order No. 63 existing since 2010 “On approval of standards for maximum permissible impacts on the unique ecological system of Lake Baikal and the list of harmful substances, including substances belonging to the categories of especially dangerous, highly dangerous, dangerous and moderately dangerous for a unique environmental system of Lake Baikal "and reduce the requirements for wastewater, which were supposed to merge into Baikal.

According to a number of scientists, the new requirements significantly increased the permissible mass of substances discharged with sewage into the lake and posed a danger to its ecology.

“The order passed the hearing and was preparing for adoption, but we wrote an official appeal addressed to Minister Dmitry Kobylkin with a request to return the order for revision and discuss it with the scientific community, because, in my opinion, the indicators are not finalized and greatly overestimated, which is unacceptable. To date, the order has not been signed, has not been registered, and has been returned for discussion with experts and with the scientific community, ”said Vladimir Burmatov.

The chairman of the ecology committee also touched upon the fate of the Baikal seal, the Baikal seal, which lives only on Lake Baikal and is no longer found anywhere in nature.

According to Burmatov, not so long ago an attempt was made to resolve the hunt for the Baikal seal, under the pretext that it bred too much.

“I think that the measure was unacceptable, since no one told us the exact number of individuals,” the deputy noted. – We had a conversation in the government, and when they tried to convince me that the hunt could be resolved, I asked to show the calculations.

It turned out that no one thought of a nerp, although in the winter period this was done elementary. Just someone decided that the hunt can be resolved, and came up with the idea that the seals divorced too much.

We managed to stop this situation, no one tries to revise it, but if they do, our position will remain the same: we cannot risk an endemic species. ”

Burmatov also believes that there is no need to mark the Baikal seals using satellite radio beacons, because their habitats are understandable, and counting the number of individuals is easy to conduct in the winter. In addition, tagging can harm animals.

In July 2019, the expedition, organized by the Lake Baikal Foundation, will start, during which the Baikal seal will be tagged using satellite radio beacons, which will allow you to monitor the migration of animals in the lake for several months.

July 10, 2019 at 09:59


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