The Spider-Web: A Bizarre Fly-Fishing Rod Used Beyond the Trenches of World War I

Pvt. John Henry Hirst was determined to land a trout on the fly. It was nearing the summer of 1915, and the Germans had just launched a surprise offensive along the Western Front. While other British soldiers braced for impact from a German artillery barrage, Hirst was beyond the trenches in no man’s land, hunkered down, casting into a front-line

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Permission Granted: How To Earn Private-Land Access for Hunting and Fishing

As a fly-fishing guide in Montana, I made a living on one of the country’s most prolific public river-access programs. The rivers I called home, like the Clark Fork and Bitterroot, wound through sprawling private ranches, but thanks to Montana’s stream access laws, I was legal to fish — but hunting these river bottoms for the great whitetails and waterfowl

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Fishing for crucian carp in summer – tackle and bait

Crucian carp is the most popular fish on fishing! This fish lives in almost every body of water, because crucian carp is considered an unpretentious fish. Fishing for crucian carp in summer involves the use of various gear, whether it be: a float rod, or a donka or a feeder. Manure worm, semolina, bread, dough are often used as a

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