Confessions of a First-Time Mountain Hunter

I thought I’d trained and prepared enough for this hunt. I was very wrong. Like many outdoorsmen, I’ve long entertained aspirations of hunting big game—elk, bear, sheep—in the mountainous backcountry. I envisioned loading up my pack with a week’s worth of supplies, grabbing my rifle, and setting out into the depths of the wilds with few comforts or safeguards, only to

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This Hunter Did a DIY Public Land .410 Turkey Slam in the First 2 Weeks of Turkey Season

Seth Gebo wasn’t planning to pull off one of the hardest things in turkey hunting. He connected with an Osceola in Florida on a buddy hunt a few days into the season. Then the lightbulb went off. With some last-minute plane tickets and a few hundred bucks in rental cars, he could pull off a DIY public-land season for the

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The Hunter Recruitment Project Introduces Veterans to Fly Fishing

Conversation the night before covered the usual bases. Everyone knew the shit that everyone else had seen and no one really wanted to rehash most of it anyhow. Everyone spoke the language, the shorthand of combat experience, and that acknowledgment was enough. The real topic at hand, the reason for our gathering deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North

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