Kazakhstan will open the hunt for argali for 100 thousand dollars

photo: Fotolia.com

photo: Fotolia.com

This project involves the study of the impact on the population of limited seizures – up to 1% of the total population – of old males who have left the reproductive age.

For the shooting of old males, it is planned to attract foreign tourists-hunters who are ready, in addition to the market price for such a hunt, to allocate funds for the study, preservation and restoration of the species in our country.

This wild animal restoration mechanism is successfully used in the USA, Canada, Tajikistan, Mongolia, and Kyrgyzstan.

“We are completing the stage of developing a model for sustainable development of hunting tourism. Much work has been done.

In the state program of tourism development until 2025 there is a separate line on the development of hunting tourism as a promising type of tourism.

During the year, the mechanism was worked out by American colleagues. This work is related to scientific justification.

The experience of neighboring states shows when Red Book animals in a certain volume are shot, the population not only decreases, but, on the contrary, grows. This is a global experience.

We want to work out the model. Older individuals need to shoot, it will contribute to the growth of the population. In nature, everything must be in balance.

Trophy hunting tourism is a kind of balance, ”said Timur Duysengaliyev, deputy chairman of the board of Kazakh Tourism JSC, at a round table in the capital.

The cost of argali starts from 100 thousand dollars. According to the adviser to the chairman of the board of KazakhTourism JSC, Batyr Seikenov, most of the funds allocated for hunting will go to science.

“Mongolia sells 70-80 heads of argali sells per year, in Tajikistan – 40. If we enter the market, we will become expensive sellers in the market. We have 6 subspecies of argali. Hunters are the people who come for impressions, trophies, ”noted Batyr Seikenov.

“Why do hunters from all over the world want to come to us? The Kazakhstan subspecies of argali is found only on the territory of our country. Therefore, they are ready to pay huge money – 100 thousand dollars, ”he added.

“If we launch hunters who bring money, there will be an opportunity to invest this money in the development of the argali population.

A foreign hunter arrives, pays for the withdrawal. This money goes to the budget of Kazakhstan – about 12 thousand dollars. For the organization of hunting pays about 15-20 thousand dollars, as it will be accompanied by huntsmen, food, etc.

All other money goes to the development of science, to protection from poachers, genetics. All this money is directed to the preservation of this subspecies.

A foreigner needs only horns, the rest of the organs we will take to the study. After examining the organs, we can prevent disease. This is being done in all developed countries, ”said Batyr Seikenov.

In Kazakhstan, there are more than 16 thousand different types of argali. As noted in the national company, this year a regulatory legal act will be prepared, which will allow to engage in this type of activity. The process can begin as early as 2020.

July 10, 2019 at 09:40


Vector is preserved for total extermination of wild boars

photo: Semina Mikhail

photo: Semina Mikhail

Given that the protection of the reserve is assigned to Rosprirodnadzor, there is no one to regulate the number.

Therefore, Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev instructed the Ministry of Natural Resources to work out the issue of quickly assigning the reserve to the Nizhne-Svirsky Reserve, whose employees must cope with this task.

In addition, the Rosselkhoznadzor once again considered the number of boars slaughtered in the Oryol, Tver, Kaluga, Kaliningrad and other regions to be insufficient. And he called on the governors "to take under their personal control the issues of downsizing."

Again, in order to protect pig farms from potential African plague.

Thus, the vector for the total extermination of wild boars in central Russia and the Volga region, taken six years ago due to plague outbreaks, remains.

Boars are firmly established in the role of the main villains who carry the infection. Unlike the owners of pig farms, hiding information about outbreaks of disease by hook or by crook, slaughtering animals and sending meat to the surrounding regions.

It seems that soon the last territory, where the boar can feel calm, will remain the Far East. There, the animal is under the patronage of Deputy Prime Minister Konstantin Chuichenko, because it is part of the diet of the Amur tiger.

July 12, 2019 at 13:48