Perch fishing on mormyshka in the winter

Perch fishing in winter is characterized by a constant hot. The fish eats with the same intensity, in both warm and cold season. Bass has a big population, so this species is very common in water bodies of Russia. The perch bite is so intense that even a beginner is always a catch. There is a active bite for many reasons. Bass are schooling fish, and with the onset of cold weather she actually gets off in dense flocks in the winter, and if fishing catches catchability place, it means that the » Read more

Spoons Williams for Chub and perch

I prey on the Chub and ASP with artificial baits for more than twenty years. In the late nineties in the box with the baits was mostly crankbaits. Sometimes met with spinners: Myran different models, Daiwa Silver Creek, Panther Martin — we used them for very long casts or fishing up stream. When it was required to sh in a deep hole or steep side of the river opposite the point of the cast, had to pick up a “chopper” who knows how to seduce a predator in the fall, rotating the petal when » Read more

How to catch perch

Blockhead – the name of the lure suitable for fishing in winter and summer. This bait is used mostly for winter fishing for perch. Catch walleye, white fish catch the bait blockhead small sizes. The dummy consists of a body, two hooks and loops of fishing line. On the hook wear an infusion – end sleeves, beads. The body is made of hexagon bar or rod of brass, or tungsten. Tackle should be balanced – hooks must be suitable in size to the body of the lure. If you take large hooks, the game » Read more