Fishing for roach with picerno tackle

Roaches in small ponds — fish, the most suitable for catching the picker. It is possible to catch a match or a simple float rod. However, in strong crosswind to use light floats almost impossible. A long, heavy, but stable in the wind baggery when casting in shallow water, knocking almost at the very bottom of the reservoir. What do you do to manage fishing for roach with Mr. picker?

Leash with a float snap-in “nailing” a bullet to the bottom? But it is when fishing for wary of » Read more

And that summer to catch bream, crucian, carp and roach?

Fishing, it is for everyone. One likes to sit on the money for a folding high chair throwing a fishing rod into the pond and peacefully admiring the play of water, given to philosophical thoughts. For another, fishing is a real hunting, passion, competition for the biggest catch. But those and other, ready for fishing, needs to know what kind of fish what kind of bait will bite and what it is actually catching.

The most important thing to start with the purpose of production, this will » Read more