The top ring on the spinning rods

Rod without rings is not spinning. Many anglers question arises what rings best. Spinning throughput of the ring intended for the direction of the line and not allow it to SAG under its own weight or stick to the rod, but the most important purpose, to distribute the load on the whip. Material crossing rings, the quality and the correctness of the location affect the service life of the line as the rod spinning in General. The placement of the rings is not where it should be, will cause it to » Read more

Catching pike on spinning

Pike coveted trophy for every fisherman, and the taste is excellent fish. Going fishing with spinning, it is first necessary to acquire the right bait.

Lures for walleye

Pike well caught on the foam rubber fish size from 5 to 8cm on an offset hook or with double. But single hook is better because it is simpler to hooking fish. In autumn, you can catch and larger fish without a tail carrots. A preferable weight – lentils, with the weight bait best plays, and in the fall of lentils » Read more

Spinning reel baitcasting

On the basis of unit coils multipliers — the same inertial spinning reels, but modified, they embody all the innovations and improvements possible to imagine. On the complexity of the device multipliers can be judged by their weight. The most complex of them sometimes weigh over one kilogram. Taking into account the manufacturing of ultra-light alloys! True, the line on this reel holds up to five hundred meters.

How many models of multipliers, obviously, no one knows. And every year » Read more

Technique of performing far casting spinning reel

If you went fishing on the big pond, definitely have to make long casts. Note that for any a fishing rod has its own fishing technique, which will depend on the order blank, and its length. To throw one more will be optimized with soft casts, another, on the contrary, sharp. If a fisherman uses a particular tackle, then he should try to develop a style of casting that works effectively under different conditions.

Guided by the wind

When you have to send the gear over long distances, » Read more

Inertial spinning reel

Inertial reel for spinning the device has an aluminum drum mounted on the drive bracket is T — shaped. The drum has the bearing hole or bushing under the axle intended for rotation. Coil with bracket connected with the handle of a fishing rod. Coil with such a structure provided with a stopper ratchet, with the inclusion of placed on the outside of the disk. Modern inertial reels to spinning more upgraded part, they installed additional motorlaiviai. When the correct adjustment if you » Read more

Choosing the best fishing rod spinning

No need to rush to buy fishing rod spinning, it must first properly choose for the following method. How to do it?

To take and to bring the spinning to a working state. To collect it, hold it in hand to appreciate the balance and weight of the rod, comfort handle. If chosen in this way tackle immediately “grip”, you will have the desire to work it. Do not deny yourself this. Pull a few times, spinning from one side to the other, wave simulating a throw.

What listen — a » Read more

The choice reels spinning

Coil selection is no easy task, especially when there are plenty to choose from. Therefore, acquiring a spinning reel, anglers subconsciously making it easier to be guided by either habit or prejudice towards a particular type of device. Often the deciding factor is the price of the product. Someone prefers expensive coils, and someone- the cheapest models. But this approach is not always justified and rational. High cost does not necessarily indicate high quality. Most of the additional » Read more

Spinning reel best

If the inertia reel is designed for casting relatively heavy lures, spinning allow anglers to use as an ultralight (1 g) and very heavy (500-800 g) bait. In contrast to the inertia reel while casting a lure from spinning the spool is stationary and the weight of the spinner is determined mainly by rod and line.

The device of the spinning reel allows the fishing line is pulled with a fixed spool, mounted along the axis of the rod, and its motion is directed and to some extent regulate the » Read more

The ways to catch catfish on Kwok, a ground rod, live bait, spinning, zakidushku, float

Fishing for catfish on Kwok, the oldest and the most effective way to catch this river giant. Besides, Quoc can attract only him and no other fish species will not interfere. The best time for this kind of fishing is from late may to mid-September.

What is Kwok

Kwok is a curved stick with a flat snout at the end. Before Kwok was only wooden, but now this device is for hunting catfish made from the most modern materials, often made of aluminum. Tools of this material are durable and » Read more

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